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21 April 2014

Wiggity Wiggity Weekend Update

Hey friends- I hope everyone who celebrates had a great Easter, and for those who don't, an exciting Sunday. My weekend was pretty chill- I did some shopping on Saturday. In the city we have this pretty cool complex on 116th and the East River that has just about everything you want, a Marshalls, an Old Navy, a Costco and a Target. Needless to say, I spent several hours wandering and did some damage to my bank account. but... in my defense everything was on sale...

On Sunday I caught up with my sister and her family, spending a relaxing day with my adorable nephew going to the park and taking some pictures.

Not too much else in the Rebekah news now. I was able to finally get to the Brooklyn Children's Museum on Friday with the boys and it was really cool- much better than anticipated and both kids had a wonderful time.  They had this super cute turtle exhibit that Little J literally could have sat at all day.

I plan on spending a lot of this week preparing for our trip to Barbados, we are leaving next week! I'm looking forward to getting some color on this paper white girl and not cooking for a week and a half. Priorities people.

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  1. sounds like a relaxing weekend! after spending so much money last month I've been watching my spending this month. but i'm sure i'll be back to shopping again next month!