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30 June 2014

$110 Paypal Cash Giveaway!

Because why not? Enter away!

p.s- yesterday I went to Harry Potter World and met the man of my dreams- i.e the butterbeer man for handing my that delicious concoction. jk, about the man- not the butterbeer. That stuff is serious. Update on my adventure tomorrow. Until next time...
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27 June 2014

Friday Dance Party

I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow! I'm super excited to get back down to the Sunshine State and get in some beach time, see some friends, family, fellow bloggers, and have a Disney day! The week has been long with anticipation but this time tomorrow I will be flying through the air...

Some Friday Favorites + News

1) Oil-pulling: This thing has been all over the web for the past few months so I put on a best face, spent 7 bucks and tried it for myself. Since last Friday I have pulled 15-20 mins each day, using organic coconut oil. I honestly don't think it has been too awful, but I can't say I've noticed any changes yet. Maybe it's too early in? I'm going to stick with it for a few more weeks and see what happens. I have only been using a tablespoon- not even sure if I could do more, by the end of your time that amount really increases. Will keep you updated!

2) Juice Cleanse: Maybe I'm on a weird health kick- I don't know, but I did do a mini- 3 day cleanse this week from Raw Generation. It wasn't as bad as I thought- I did eat dinner on the first night but I figured I still had just juiced for breakfast and lunch. Day two was fine- they do say if you get hungry eat fruit, and even with that I only had an apple right before my "dinner" juice. I drank 6 bottles of juice and a ridiculous amount of water which resulted in frequent bathroom breaks. But the juices tasted good, were filling and I did lose a few pounds- ones that I will most likely gain back as soon as I start eating actually food again. Not sure if I really feel healthier but I can now say I've tried it.
3) The Dating Game - I've already got one date lined up for when I get back from vacation but keeping my options open for while I am away as well. Maybe my true love lives in Orlando and works at Harry Potter world?

4) It has been a seriously ridiculous week and I am oh so glad that in a few hours I will be done and off for an entire week! I hurt my leg running my race last week, and then we found out Big J got into a different (better) kindergarten for next year. Between running to the doctor, trying to get x-rays, filling out the new school paperwork and packing for 4 people I couldn't be more ready for a vacation!! And cupcakes, because I deserve one (or 3). Yes.

5) I can't believe next week is JULY! this year is flying by and I'm really happy I started blogging. I was thinking about how weird it was yesterday but weird in a good way. And that I'm proud of myself for just keeping with it and the amount of writing I'm doing. I'm not sure I even wrote this much when I was in college but I like finding my voice and meeting you all. It's been a spectacular adventure!

Happy Friday!
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26 June 2014

The Dating Game

You guys- I'm on a mission. Remember a few weeks/months? ago when I mentioned I was going to do some new blog series on dating. well - it's happening. Like right now. I am going to play my own dating game, with an end result of hopefully finding my own little snuggle muffin (that's a joke, I would never have a little snuggle muffin, obviously the future "he" will be a big one!) but for serious.

Now, since we were finally graced with summer, I thought it would be as good of time as any to get this party started. From June 21st- September 21st (this might be extended due to all my travels) I am going to follow some dating rules. Ones that I am setting myself, but should be entertaining nonetheless. via the various online sites I'm a part of (tinder, okcupid, and match) plus the good old meeting at a bar/library/yoga class (really?) I must follow these all to a tee- and then report back to this beautiful place.

1) I will respond to anyone you sends me a message via these sites (as long as they are not raunchy or inappropriate, I'm not looking for crazy). Doesn't matter how they look, or my initial first impression. I must hit reply.

2) If we reach a point where I am asked for a drink, lunch, dinner, mini-golf.. I must accept. End of story- in the words of Nike- Just Do It.

3) I will then go on this said date and regale you all with these fantastic details
       a) what I wore- because it's important, but I will probably repeat a lot of outfits. Get over it.
       b) the first thing the gentleman (I hope) in question says to me
       c) the details of the excursion - where did we go, was he nice, did he tell me his life story?
       d) kiss, hug, or shake? this will be my ranking in a way not if it necessarily happened (a girls got to keep some secrets, right?)

I aim to hit 30 of these things in the 3 months but beggars can't be choosers so I will take what comes. And who knows, maybe I will meet some cool people?

Let the Hunger Games Begin!
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25 June 2014

It's a Good Day When...

It's a good day when...I sleep until my alarm rings. Weird I know, but most nights I have trouble sleeping, staying asleep really. It's so nice to not wake up before the alarm wakes me!

It's a good day when... I get to leave work early! This usually only happens when it's a holiday or the kids don't have school for some crazy reason but I cherish them when they happen!

It's a good day when... at notification from the library comes saying a new book is available! I've always wanted to read that is usually my first thought. Haha!

It's a good day when... running 3 miles feels like a breeze

It's a good day when... Big J is dressed and ready for school before I even walk in the door

It's a good day when...someone else makes me dinner and I don't have to do the cooking

It's a good day when... I get lots of blog comments! I love hearing from all of you!!

What's a good day for you?

   Joining up with Lisa over at Two Martinis and Brittany at Happy is a Choice for this fun link-up! Check them all out! 
=It's A Good Day Linkup

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24 June 2014

Florida- Get Ready for ME!

I'm heading your way! Well not until Saturday... but, soon. I'm going to be in Orlando/Central Florida area all next week and would love to say hello to any and all of the bloggers in the area!

I know it's a holiday week and right before the fourth but it would be super fun to have drinks one night or even join me for a Disney day?
old school disney photo- "I'm singing in the rain!"

Mostly I will be visiting family and friends on this wonderful excursion. It's been about a year and half since I was down there last and I need some Disney in my life. Beach days are a given, a Disney day is must- and I really really want to go to Universal. The newest area of Harry Potter world will not be open yet (boo!) but I can still drink some butterbeer and ride a hippogriff. This is the stuff of my dreams- for real.

Anywho- if you live in the area, give me a holla because I like hanging out with people. It's less lonely that way...

Now off to pack!

Also, on a side note- if you hadn't noticed over there on my side bar I'm part of a really great blogging network called Northeast Bloggers. If you are unable to figure it out, we are all bloggers who live in the Northeast! Surprise!

If you are also a blogger who lives in the Northeast- you should totally join up, because one, you get to have a cool button like mine on your site and two, as a group we are participating in a Secret Santa exchange during the month of July to celebrate Christmas in July! This is totally a thing I used to do at summer camp so I'm way feeling it!!

You can find out more about us here. And if you register you should totally do the Secret Santa game bc its totes going to be ah-maze-balls! (unfortunately it is for members only, but become a member, do fun things!)

Peace out homefries! 
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23 June 2014

The Go VoxBox - Hit or Miss?

I love receiving VoxBoxes from Influenster! Recently I received the Go VoxBox filled with all sorts of active goodies and treats.

In the box...

Muller Yogurt:  We received a coupon for a free container of our choice! I picked up the Muller Greek Corner in Pineapple Passion-fruit. It was delicious- creamy, fruity, a good solid snack. I have even picked up a few more containers since.

Verdict: HIT!

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme in Lavender + Chamomile: Now I'm not a huge fan of lotions anyways, but for the box purposes I did try this out a few times and was pleasantly surprised. It's a creme so it is thicker but it rubbed in quickly, definitely moisturized my legs well and smelled amazing. I won't be using it on a regular basis now that summer has arrived, but for sure come fall/winter I will be using this out of the shower.

Verdict: HIT! (even surprised myself with this!)

Playtex Sport Tampons in Regular: I was not a fan of these. If you are get grossed out (I mean I'm not getting that crazy) skip to the next one but I'm going to be honest about how I felt about this tampon. For a "regular" size tampon this was small. I had to change it way more frequently than I would my normal tampons (tampax pearl) for what I consider a normal flow day. They didn't "stay" that well either, especially not as you would expect a sports tampon (one designed for active lifestyles- i.e running, swimming, playing sports! ) to stay. Overall not a fan, obviously to each her own. I gave the rest to a friend.

Verdict: MISS!

Profoot Pedi- Rock: This callous removing rock has been wonderful. It can be used wet or dry, which is super nice because most "dry-skin" removers cannot be. I keep it in the shower and scrub my feet when I'm in there. It makes for soft feet every day, which I love! The shape is nice to hold on to, doesn't slip, and it cleans off very easily.

Verdict: HIT!

Profoot Triad Orthotic Insoles for Women: I put these insole in my rain boots- which made them super comfortable and helped me enjoy wearing them for all those rainy days we have been having. I liked that they stuck on with just a small amount of provided gel- and they haven't slipped out once. They are also short- meaning the insole only covers your heel and arch. This makes it possible to put in almost any shoe you want, no cutting them down - something I really liked.

Verdict: HIT!

Blue Diamond Almonds- Blueberry Flavor: This was one of my favorite things in the box. It was a perfect snack size and the flavor was oh so delicious. I actually carried them around in my purse for  a few weeks and the packaging held up very nicely considering. They were great to eat on the go and very filling. A perfect way to boost your energy during the day! They come in other flavors, raspberry and strawberry, which I would be very interested in trying.

Verdict: HIT!

Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake + Next Step Shaker Cup: We were given 3 different flavors or protein shakes to try (chocolate, vanilla, and berry) plus a shaker cup to try them in. The flavors of the drinks were good- I liked the chocolate and vanilla best. And the shaker cup was very easy to use- add water, the powder, and shake what your mama gave ya.  They worked well as meal replacements, I had mine for breakfast and they did keep me full as a normal breakfast of mine would. I'm not sure I would actually purchase more of them, in reality they are just not my thing. But I did like them and if someone else gave me more I would use them.

Verdict: HIT! (because I did enjoy them)

Overall a pretty good box- and it introduced me to some fun new products and treats! And if you are interested let me know if you want to join Influenster- comment your email below and I will invite you! It is a really great site, and a fun way to try some new products! 

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22 June 2014

Socially Acceptable Sunday

Linking up for the Sunday Social with the lovelies Neely, over at A Complete Waste of Makeup and Ashley, at Ashley Lately. This week's questions are...

1. What’s your favorite scary movie? Signs! And The Fourth Kind- both alien movies and both freak me out, and yet I still watch them...

 2. What is your favorite weird TV show you think no one else watches? I used to be a huge fan of Toddlers and Tiaras, now my weirdest show might be Honey Boo Boo? I'm not quite sure because I don't really even watch that anymore.

 3. What is the song you can sing all the words to without any music? Just about any Nsync song- and a lot of Britney and Miley's.

4. What is your favorite book to re read? Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

5. The one website you visit more times a day than others? Facebook is definitely a top site for me, I also like the gossip site Oh No They Didn't. And Bloglovin, of course!

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20 June 2014

Ain't No Party Like an S Club Party

Does anyone else remember that ah-mazing tv show from back in the day? Seriously- one of the best. Fun music, everyone was paired off perfectly, and they were foreign. Doesn't get any better...

Friday has finally arrived, which makes me smile. And the weather has cooled down a bit- even better! I'm running another race on Sunday- the Queens 10K, which will hopefully be better than the last weekends. If anything the food afterwards is supposed to be good, so perhaps that will make me run faster!!

I'm gearing up to change all the handles on my social media so keep a heads up if you start seeing Blue Giraffes on instagram, pinterest, or twitter. It's probably just silly old moi.

Anyways- as usual it's been a long week.. but here are 5 things I'm totes digging right now (a few of which I want for my birthday!! which is now only about 2 months away... hint, hint!)

1) This ridiculous amazing Harry Potter/Mean Girls combo shirt. Seriously - what could be better.. and thank you to Jules at If I had 100 Dollars for making me aware of it.

2) On the Harry Potter note.. these adorable Harry Potter cups- I may or may not have said something about them before. But they belong in my kitchen! and they have even more on the etsy site...

3) Fun quotes- not that I would actually put this one on my wall, but I am in the market for some prints for my living room..

(this one I would totally hang! )

4) My favorite YouTube videos- Kid Snippets. I took a break from them for a while but recently started watching them again, and they are seriously hilarious. Basically kids pretend to be in different scenarios and then adult actors take the kids dialouges and actually act them out while using the kids voices... a bit hard to explain but worth watching, and great for a laugh. This is one of my favorites. 

5) And of course my girl Jeanette from Peachy Keen Perfumes newest scent, Ocean Boulevard. Seriously I have been wearing it every day. Love love love it! Don't forget to enter the giveaway- you could have your own bottle! Check out my review and her business story here.

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Happy Friday!!

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19 June 2014

Peachy Keen + Giveaway!

Hello beautiful readers! How do you smell today? Odd question, I'm sure, but my good friend Jeanette, over at Peach Keen Perfume, is here today to help you smell fantastic.

I've known Jeanette for many years- we went to university together, and she recently started her own perfume making business.

Jeanette has always been interested in scent. As a child she would reach up to the thick glass bottles of her grandmother’s vanity just to sneak a whiff of her collection.

The art of perfumery came to life for the first time for Jeanette when she studied abroad in Paris and took a trip to Grasse in Provence, the fragrance capital of the world. She noticed how perfumery was deliberately shrouded in mystery, and that bottles of perfume were always available for purchase but never for creation. 

She began to start uncovering this mystery when Jeanette lived and worked in Morocco for two years. Hidden in the crooked alleyways of souks in Tangier, Rabat, and Casablanca, Jeanette would find stalls where raw materials for perfumes were available for mixing. Through befriending Moroccan perfumers who worked with some of the finest oils in the world, she began to learn the art of perfumery. With continued practice she unraveled the mystery of making perfume.

Jeanette is a military spouse and makes politically and environmentally conscious purchases for her business. And as a teacher turned social entrepreneur, she donates a portion of her profits to educational programs. She plans to always donate a portion of her profits, and the charity will rotate based on current events. For the month of May, she donated to the Hollins University gift fund- her alma mater, and in honor of our five year reunion. For the month of June she will be working with a non-profit that focuses on fighting child hunger especially during the summer for children who are normally dependent on school lunches. Since June's topic is a current event that could possibly endure through the summer, it will be the recipient until September. 

Today Jeanette is kindly giving away the first scent she created for her business,Ocean Boulevard. Ocean Boulevard is delicately handmade by Jeanette, herself, in sunny San Diego, California. Top notes open up with an inviting citrus that fades to heart notes of windswept pink jasmine and the airy smell of the ocean waves. As the perfume settles you will discover notes of vetiver and white musk. This perfume is a balanced olfactory experience for the beach lover. The scent has a tenacity of 6 hours.

I'm a huge fan of Ocean Boulevard, I picked up my own bottle at reunion earlier this month and have been wearing it every day since. The scent is light, fresh, and perfect for daily wear. She currently sells it online, and at Make Good, a boutique in San Diego. I encourage you all to check out her site and enter this fantastic giveaway!

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All photos were taken by Elizabeth Zaranka at

18 June 2014

I May Have a Child..

Somewhere in the United States, or the world, there is possibly a child that is mine- made of my DNA, my genetics, living and breathing, with my blood in it's veins.

I have donated my eggs twice. I do not know if my procedures were successful, but I do know that I gave a couple a chance to have a family. I don't ever think about the fact (besides now) that I could have a relation out there in the world but facts are it could be possible.

Do I ever feel like I made the wrong decision? No.  Do I ever worry that I may not be able to have children of my own? No.

 The process was hard but very rewarding...  and I mean the $8000 for each donation round I made was definitely a perk. Not the easiest money I've made, and probably the most emotional, but I do recommend it to anyone who is willing and who is able.

It takes time though, from start to finish each cycle took 3-6 months. You go through a rigorous screening of family history, medical exams, and psychological ones. It then involves going to a lab on an almost daily basis to have blood drawn, have an ultrasound or both. You must also be able to give yourself multiple shots every night. The needles are not large, but two weeks of poking yourself can get rough.

It also takes a toll on your emotions. Besides the fact that you are dramatically increasing the size of multiple eggs which makes you feel very bloated those last few days, you are injecting multiple hormones into your system. My skin looked fantastic, my emotions were all over the place. I imagine it to be a dry-run of pregnancy.

I'm happy I did it, and I encourage you all to try it as well. Monetarily it is a nice way to help with some bills, as well as helping someone have the family they want.

I encourage you to do some research to see if there is a donation facility near you. Do not hesitate to ask them questions, inquire about how their procedure works, and understand the entire process before it starts. I personally went through Weill-Cornell in NYC. Everyone there was fantastic, helpful, and did their best to make me feel as comfortable as possible each and every day.

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Vodka and Soda
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