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09 April 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

I'm a little late to the party with this link-up but with much ado- here are 32 things that make me happy!

1) Baby Animals: except for maybe snakes which is probably my only exception- I have yet to meet a baby animal that didn't make me happy

2) My family

I'm the adorable child in the middle!

3) Disney Pixar Films

4) 'Nsync

5) Candy aka Sugar

6) Coffee

7) Sadie and Phoenix

8) Harry Potter

9) Disney World

10) The Oscars

11) Singing

12) Watching a live show

13) traveling

caves in Israel

14) gossip magazines

15) finishing a race

16) summer camp- wish I could still go back every year!

17) clean sheets

18) warm towels from the dryer

19) lazy sundays

20) Thunderstorms

21) Snow!

22) Hearing my little monkeys laugh

23) blog comments

24) Meeting celebs
Paul Rudd

Topher Grace (I swear!)
Ian McKellan

25) everything about my college

26) homemade vanilla ice cream

27) reading- check out some book recommendations here and here

28) picnics in the park- especially now that the weather is nice!

29) beach days

30) Miley Cyrus- her concert this past weekend was AH-MAZING!
we had a lot of this going on

31) new candles- lately I've been obsessed

32)  all of my friends, new and old!
yes, that's Leah from Sunshine and Traffic Jams- we go way back!

Venus Trapped in Mars

check out some of the other posts- and thanks to Erin and Sarah for the link-up!
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  1. YES to NSync and Harry Potter! Still obsessed and always will be :-D

  2. that baby giraffe is too cute. i'm on the market for a new candle - any recs??

  3. Oh N'Sync!!! lol They were so great! ARE so great! HA! That baby giraffe is ridiculously cute! LOVE him! There aren't enough photos of those on the internet. It's really rare!

  4. We have so much in common!!! Except Nsync... I was (and always will be) a Backstreet Boy girl haha althooooughhhh living in Memphis, it's hard not to appreciate Justin :)

  5. Hollins College in Roanoke, VA??? I'm from Roanoke and my mom works at Hollins! Small World :)

    1. Yes! That is to funny- Hollins is such a tiny place, I love meeting people who have actually heard of it! What does your mom do at the school? I'm super excited because I will be down there at the end of May for my 5th year reunion. Glad you stopped by!