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17 April 2014

How do you do that?

...laundromat? Make my clothes perfectly folded and creased every time, but when I try and fold the shirt it looks like a rag

... bargain shopper? Find the best deals, always, on the racks of forever21/h&m/goodwill that fit you perfectly and are then marked down another 50% at the register wearer? You are wearing an adorable skirt, your legs look great and it doesn't even seem as if your hoo-ha is about to fall out

...Chipotle? Make such delicious concoctions that make my mouth water and keep me coming back on a (more than) weekly basis

...Santa Claus? Get to every child's house on one night of the year, delivering toys to all the well-behaved girls and boys- your magic mystifies me.

... small child? Fall into the deepest sleep in the blink of an eye when I can only ponder my life away each night for hours.

Excited for this fun new link-up from Jackie over at Jade and Oak! 
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  1. I believe Chipotle must have some magic in it :-)...and YES to the small child comment. What I wouldn't give for their sleeping abilities!

  2. I had Chipotle for lunch yesterday... and I think I might go back today...

  3. Oh, my mother folds clothes into like little steel traps without a wrinkle to be found. Mine? Rumply balls. I know. Mini skirts!? I have cabbage patch knees. lol

  4. Ok I totally fall asleep in the blink of an eye on a nightly basis BUT how do the bargain shoppers do it?! Maybe I just don't have enough patience for the thought it takes...

  5. Um yeah, that one about mini skirts. I've never been able to pull it off. Very jealous of those who can.

    V @ Life+1
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  6. Lordy, I need to step away from the Chipotle. It's just too darn good!

  7. obsessed with chipotle! and i can never find good sales stuff at discount stores either. i just don't have the patience!