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14 April 2014

decisions, decisions

Well, I made the fantastic decision to spend my nose-blowing weekend by starting the show House of Cards. This proved to be rather interesting. I've successfully made it through season one, and am now on the edge of my seat to find time to watch season two. whoops! I knew I would be addicted as soon as I started..

Besides the marathon session of House of Cards- and my netflix account reminding me I have no life when I'm ill, I did find the time to clean, get some groceries, and pin a lot of unnecessary things on pinterest that I now want immediately. Like these adorable umbrella stands- would it be weird  to own more than one?

And if you haven't seen this ridiculously adorable video of baby sloths you should watch it right now and prepare to swoon...
Sloth Squeak! from Lucy Cooke on Vimeo.

I'm now adding a baby sloth to my birthday list- along with Paul Rudd and these Harry Potter glasses. Keep that in mind for August.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon... I spent this weekend sick too... blah!

    I think I may need one of those umbrella holders in my life... too cute! :)

  2. House of Cards is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I hope you feel better.. Netflix is definitely a great way to get through being sick. Found you on the linkup :) *erica*

  3. This is basically what my Sundays was like - but swap House of Cards for Parenthood! And those umbrella stands are so cute! If you have a front door and a back door you could put one at each door and it wouldn't be too weird... :)