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29 April 2014

Listed Tuesdays! + Giveaway!

10 Great TV Shows That Everyone Should CHECK OUT! (old and new)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer- this was one of the first shows I was allowed to watch on a regular basis, and my whole family enjoyed it with me. As I start singing the theme song in my head...

2. LOST- honestly I was fine with that series finale but I love LOST, every actor/actress from that show will always be their character on that show to me

3. Arrested Development- the newest Netflix Season of this was okay, but the previous original series was amazing, hilarious and oh so quotable...

4. Pretty Little Liars- This show is such a guilty pleasure but it really is very entertaining. Besides the fact the girls have some fantastic outfits, the whole plot line keeps you on your toes. Always.

5. Gilmore Girls- Amy Sherman-Palladino is a genius with this loving story about a mother-daughter duo. The witty remarks and binge eating/tv watching is perfection. And if you like this then you should watch the few seasons of Bunheads that exist- totally shouldn't have been cancelled but brought back a lot of the old Gilmore Girls gang. and Amy's witty scripts.

6.  United States of Tara- this about a woman with multiple-personality disorder and one of the best sources of acting. Toni Collette plays multiple characters so convincingly and John Corbett is sexy. enough said.

7.  Fringe- if you have any interest in sci-fi, Fringe must be on your watch list. I'm pretty sure I will be naming my future children Peter and Olivia because of it. It has great twist and turns, some funky science stuff, and a man named Walter who is the cutest thing ever.

8. Jericho- this show unfortunately only had a few seasons but it was about nuclear bombs hitting all of the major cities and America and a small town, Jericho, learning how to deal with the side effects while also trying to figure out who did it.

9. New Girl- I can never decide who my favorite character on this show is but each person brings comedy to a whole new level. Jess moves into a loft with 3 male roommates after her boyfriend cheats on her and hilarity ensues.

10. American Horror Story- I'm a huge fan of horror, and Ryan Murphy. Every season of this concoction of his has been my dream of scary/crazy/weird. Each season is a different storyline, characters, and time-period. Many actors/actresses come back for each season playing someone completely different which in itself is amazing. So far season one is a haunted house in L.A, season two is an insane asylum in the 1960s and season 3 was about witches in New Orleans. Ryan says they are all connected somehow but I don't know..

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  1. I've been dying to try New Girl - I think Friday Night Lights will always be my #1 show. Check it out if you haven't!

  2. It's so hard to choose a favorite character in the New Girl! I think mine goes back and forth between Winston and Schmidt but it's really close. I watch Arrested Development reruns all the time it's a classic for sure! If I get started on Pretty Little Liars I could probably talk all day. I read the book series so I can't wait to see if the new season goes along with that plot. So far it has been pretty different! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  3. Thanks for linking up! I love those shows! LOST is one of my favorites ever. The ending didn't bother me either. Also I love New Girl.