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06 January 2016

Yikes! I forgot to Blog?!

Hey space here- long time no chat. For real- I think the last time I posted something was in July. JULY!

A lot has happened since July. The last time I was here I gave a brief overview of the early summer month and updated on my plans for the rest of the summer. Now it is January of 2016 and life has happened. Quite a bit of it in fact...

New Year, new me, maybe some new blog posts coming? I would love to get back here more often so we will start with that as New Year resolution numero uno.

Second on my list will be more book posts.. I finally tallied up my list of books read for the year and ended with a whopping 120 book reads in 2015. 120! Books! Read! This year I give myself a goal of 135.

Resolution 3- get too at least one new city! In 2015 I was lucky enough to explore Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges. I know I'm visiting Austin and Houston in March/April but Germany might also be calling my name..

I've also put hiking off of the table- and I may have mentioned this before but as morbid as it sounds, I'm waiting until my two cats pass away. They are both older (14 &15) and I know I only have a few years left with them and would hate to take 6-8 months off and away and have something happen. It will still happen but it might be three or four years.

Other awesome things that happened from July-December. My very best friend in NYC asked me to be her maid of honor! I'm in full blown bachelorette and bridal party planning mode again.

For Halloween I hosted a part at my apartment, which was super fun. My friends and I dressed up as Disney princesses (I was Belle!)

 My sister and I went to a Harry Potter festival outside of Philadelphia, it was insane  (in a good way) and we got to try lots of delicious Harry Potter treats! Butterbeer, Defense Against the Dark Arts Class and a ton of kids (plus adults!) in costume.  I definitely want to go back next year!

I celebrated my 28th birthday and now I officially feel old. Best present of the year: a singing telegram. They still exist.

I traveled to Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges and had an amazing time. Amsterdam and Bruges were fantastic and I would go back to both in a heartbeat. Brussels was cute and I'm happy I went but I could pass on another trip anytime soon. I also got a short layover in Dublin on my way home and was able to pop into the city for quick lunch. 
canal in Bruges

a waffle in Brussels
chilling in Amsterdam

 And there you have it.. a bit of a reverse of the last 6ish months. Good stuff, for the most part. Hope everyone is doing well and Happy New Year!

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