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28 April 2014

these boots were made for walking + $100 Target Giveaway!

For those of y'all who don't know- I am planning on thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2016. This a big trip that will take 4-6 months. I'm haven't bought anything yet, and I don't plan to for a quite a while but that hasn't stopped me from making some epic lists of what I need to bring. As of now these are my essentials:

- single person, all-weather tent
- summer sleeping bag
-winter sleeping bag
-hiking boots

 I know they seem obvious but there are so many options! I seriously don't know where to start but I'm also super excited and wish I could fast forward two years.. but much planning is to be done and more money is be saved.

On that note... I'm excited to give you all the opportunity to enter an awesome giveaway for a $100 Target gift-card. I don't know about you, but Target is a weakness of mine and $100 there could do some very nice things. Enter Away!!

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I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
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  1. What an awesome adventure. My husband and I are planning to take some time off in a few years to do the same, but career wise right now, we aren't able to. I hope you write about the experience and your preparation!!

  2. That's so exciting!!

    My boyfriend and I are planning to hike the AT too! It's such a big undertaking. We are going with 2 friends of ours and shooting for 2016. We talk about it all the time, so now it's just time to start planning. I have a few good books that we've been reading. If you're interested, I can give you the names of them. One is easy recipes from people who have already hiked the AT.

  3. Wow! What an adventure! May you have safe travels!