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07 April 2014

10 Favorite Things about Being a Blogger

It's the first Monday of the month- which means a great link-up from Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved. This month's topic- 10 favorite things about being a blogger. Now I'm still fairly new to this blogging world, but already there are so many things I love about it-

1) All of the support! From day one- between my family, friends, and all of the other amazing bloggers I have met- the support is overwhelming!

2) As mentioned above- all of the amazing other bloggers out in the world. I have met, in this short time, an enormous amount of wonderful and talented other women. This has been a great way to make some new friends and it is inspiring to read and learn about them everyday.

3) The creativity- not that I've been super creative, yet, but I've already written more things in the past few months than I have in college. I really like having the outlet and being able to find my voice.

4) Being held accountable- this may be a weird thing to love about blogging but I like that it holds me accountable to do things. That someone read a post about a plan of mine and genuinely wants to know how it goes, my review, they want to know that I did it like I said I was going to.  It gives me a better motivation to follow through with my ideas and projects.

5) Being myself- I truly love blogging because it allows me to be myself- to show and introduce who I am to a huge audience, and to those who may already know me and want to know more.

6) The sponsorships- supporting and sponsoring other bloggers is something that helps me reach new audiences and help out other bloggers. I like being able to make a difference with a blogger who might be raising money for a good cause or just to turn around and support other bloggers in their own way

7) Discovering new things! Blogging and being part of the blogging world has introduced me to so many new products, crafts and ideas. Many bloggers are sponsored by companies to review products and it's nice to get real reviews from real people. And bloggers expose you to the best clothes! It's like a ginamormous group of friends telling about all the cutest things!

8) Advice- this goes a hand in hand with the support, but one of my favorite things about blogging is the great advice.  Advice comes from family, friends , and other bloggers. I really love how helpful everyone is, the how-to posts people write with advice and ways to do things. There is talk about how competitive blogs can be but at the same time blogs are genuinely helpful places where we want to give advice and nurture each other to grow and be better.

9) The food- we are all food lovers and one of my favorite things is how we like to share that. Their are link-ups each week to show off new recipes, people who dedicate their whole blogs to food. And I really love sharing my own favorite foods to make.

10) And the Alcohol! Haha, joining the blogging world is like being in college again- everyone is always posting pictures of their great nights out, yummy new drinks to try and have no shame in admitting we love a drink now and then (or a bottle of wine).

It has truly been a pleasure to join this blogging community and I am thankful for it, and all of you everyday! Thank you, thank you!!

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  1. I would go to Hawaii again :) and I agree with all of your top favorite things about blogging!

  2. Ha! I have blogger friends who know which alcohol Instagram posts are mine without looking at the name.

  3. Great list! I agree with the accountability piece! My blog definitely keeps me on track with some of my crazy ideas!

  4. I really enjoy reading product reviews too! It's great be able to read through someone's thoughts without having to shell out money for something that doesn't work. And an amen to food and alcohol! :)

  5. YES to all the food and the drinks! I've found some amazing recipes and inspiration here in bloggy-land :)

  6. There's so many places on my bucket list to visit but Bora Bora in Tahiti is probably one of the more exotic places I would love to visit one day!

  7. I agree when you I feel being held accountable pushes you to share more and write more. If not i think i would slack more.

  8. I love the community feel of the blogging world. I have not "ran" into one negative Nancy since start-up. I love how everyone is so supportive of one another. It's great. I do love a glass of wine, sometimes while I'm blogging, but I try not to make a habit out of that. I never know what I may get the courage to publish in those moments.

  9. I so agree with you list.. I've learned about so many new things through blogging and the advice and the stories and posts that other bloggers write about is amazing!! :) I think blogging has forced me to be more creative.. lol.. and to think outside the box. :)

    Love you list..
    Stopping by from the link-up. :)
    Adri @ Adri's Thoughts

  10. I'm leaving on a trip to Central Europe this week and I can't wait! It's the exact trip I've always wanted to go on :-) Also, I love all of the new things I find out about through blogging!

  11. Love this! The accountability is spot on; as wells the alcohol! ;)