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31 July 2014

by golly- they've done it again!

That is Stitch Fix. I received my third box in the mail yesterday and as usual am so impressed. I just want to hire them to dress me all the time!

I am on my seat every month waiting for this box- and once again they hit the mark. If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix yet, let me tell you about them. They are this spectacular personal stylist service that you can sign up for online (feel free to use my referral link!). After filling out an extensive questionnaire based on your personal style, fit and price range they will send you five unique pieces of clothing and accessories. You pick out often you want them to come, ranging from every other week to just a few times a year. Once you get your box, you have the luxury of trying on everything at home, deciding what you want to keep, and whatever you don't want you send back for free, paying only for what you want. They do collect a $20 fee 2-3 days before you box arrives, but that $20 goes back as credit for whatever you decide to keep. And you can receive $25 in credit for anyone you refer! It's an amazing service- one that I recommend everyone at least try once!!

Now on to the good stuff.. this month I received:
The 41Hawthorn Coco Swiss Dot Lattice Detail Blouse for $74.00 and Level 99 Cindie Linen Shorts at $78.00. Both are a bit on the pricey side for my taste, but the shorts are so so so comfortable and the top is super cute, although it came with it's own polyester type tank underneath that I will most likely switch out for one of my own.  Love them, wish they were cheaper but still keeps!

The 41Hawthorn Lori Lace Fit and Flare Dress for $88.00.When I saw it in the box and on my style cards, I thought it was cute, and I still do- but it is not my style at all. I would literally never wear this. Looks nice, fit very well and had such fantastic detail but just not for me. I'm sending it back.

The Collective Concepts Galen Racerback Polka Dot Dress for $78.00. I absolutely love this dress- I think it is my favorite thing from this box, and maybe all of my boxes so far. The dress is lightweight, adorable, has a fun pattern, and looks (in my opinion) ah-mazing! I can wear it to work, out with my friends.. maybe even my sisters bridal shower? The options are endless. So happy with it- going to wear it tomorrow!  Definitely a keeper.

And the Sanctuary Selene Mixed Material Knit Shirt for $58.00. I was a bit hesitant when I pulled this out but after putting it on I was in love. The shirt is very soft and comfortable to wear. It went well with both the linen shorts and the jeans I was wearing (which happen to be from my first Stitch Fix box!). The back is a large knit at the bottom, which kind of freaked me out at first but actually wasn't that see-through. This is a great alternative to just wearing a plain t-shirt everyday, much more festive and gives a bit of edge. I love it and am keeping it!

Once again, Stitch Fix has blown me away. I thought they did an excellent job with this box, and I am still ridiculously happy that I have been introduced to their service. They really take your feedback into consideration and adjust your future boxes to what you want. I asked for more dresses this time, and ones that had more definition- they accepted the challenge and came through for me. Although I didn't love the lace dress for myself, it is a still a beautiful dress that many women would adore. Can't wait to see what comes in my next one!!

check out my reviews for box 1 and 2!
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30 July 2014

To Confess or Not to Confess?

I'm going to go with yes, because it's Wednesday and that is what is happening around these parts...

I confess: I re-joined weight watchers yesterday because I've been feeling all over the place lately and really need to get myself in check. I'm actually starting with their Simple Start this time and so far so good (said one day in..) Anyways it's worked in the past but if anyone else out there is doing it would love some recipe/meal ideas!

I confess: I'm super annoyed because it turns out my leg actually is broken (stress fracture)- least favorite sentence I heard this weekr. Annoyed because a) thought it was broken four weeks ago and was told it wasn't b) because I was told it wasn't broken I was then told I could run on it which c) led to it hurting again and finding out it really is a stress fracture. boo- super not happy and now I will be behind weeks in my marathon training. I'm upset, frustrated and my leg hurts.

I confess: Saw this ad on facebook on Monday for a ManServant and why yes, I would like this for my birthday. Thank you in advance- and warning not sexually explicit but prob still #NSFW.

 Have a great day! 
Vodka and Soda
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The Hump Day Blog Hop

29 July 2014

My Life in Numbers

 I've seen this prompt around a few times and want to give thanks to to Lisa for doing it last week and reminding me it was out there and Becca for pushing the idea out there in the first place. Definitely a fun post to write and works for the slowness of blogland at this time... Summer really is break central here. Happy Tuesday!

1 How many times I've actually watched all the Harry Potter movies (all during opening week/night and never again)
2 Siblings
2 How many different countries I lived in
2 Number of Tattoos I have
4 How many states I've lived in
4 How many years I was a full time college student for
5 years that I've lived in my apartment
6 The age difference, in years, between myself and my oldest sibling
6 months spent bloggin
7 How many surgeries I've had
10 Number of different jobs I've had in my life
10 Number of pets I had in my life
18 How many years I lived in Florida for
21 My lucky number
23 How much I spent on dinner last night
24 Days until my birthday!!
26 My age
28 How many books I've read this summer (so far)
107 how many blog posts I've written
125 My dream/goal weight
240 number of calories in my favorite Starbucks drink- Chai Tea Latte
283 Bloglovin followers
407 My area code (it's still Florida's!)
111,645 How many steps I walked/ran in the past 7 days
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28 July 2014

Party Weekend!

Woo-hoo! I had a wonderful four-day weekend celebrating my sister's bacherlorette party! Myself, along with 13 others sent her off in style.

I planned the weekend, along with my sister's good friend P. We wanted a fun, relaxing, but could get crazy, weekend to celebrate and catch up with friends. A family friend of ours has a travel agency and suggested to us that we look at (vacation rental by owner)- a site that allows you to rent a house from an owner. We first looked at places on the beach but the prices were a bit high and no one allowed for a four-day weekends. We then took our search to the Poconos. It made for a decently central location to everyone that was attending, brought the cost down significantly and made for an amazing vacation.

gifts for the gang!

For one, the weather was amazing. We all met up on Thursday night in perfect cool mountain air. After grilling some burgers and hotdogs we chilled with our excessive amount of alcohol and relaxed in the hot tub (against the rules- whoops!).

Friday we made it to the lake on a great little beach, we laid out for a few hours and then rented kayaks. This made for an exciting adventure around a fabulous lake. We went back to the house tie-dyed t-shirts. Friday night brought on the festive bachelorette activities- yes, I mean we broke out our singles and had a show.

Now let me tell you- this is something I've attended before and have experienced at other parties and with friends but I have never actually had to do the work of finding an entertainer myself... it was quite an experience. First was finding a website/company that didn't look to sketch. Thankfully another bridesmaid help me narrow this down, but I had to do the actual calling. Surprisingly they were all very professional, helpful and listened to exactly what I wanted. Something I can now check off my list?
our "entertainer" knocking down her door!
It was lots of fun, full of ridiculous laughter and added to the weekend.

Saturday we went to the beach again, it was overcast at first but when the sun finally appeared it was a fantabulous day! We played relay races, jumped around in the lake and partook in much chit chat. That evening we went over to a local bar had dinner and danced the night away with all the townies.
part of our relay races- anyone else ever done the toothpick/lifesaver game?
bride to be- with one of many shots!
the fantastic group in our beautiful tie-dye shirts

Sunday led to parting of the ways, with sad faces, full stomachs and heads full of happy memories. After a relaxing drive back to NY, I spent the rest of my Sunday chilling and watching some movies (Vampire Academy and Easy A). Not too happy to be back at work but hey... only 3 more weeks until Europe!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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23 July 2014

Extroverted AND Shy- why yes, we do exist!

I was floating around the facebook world the other day and spotted an interesting article that an acquaintance of mine had posted about being both extroverted and shy- I was so intrigued because that is how I feel most of the time, at least most recently.

I've always been categorized in my personality testings as an outgoing person- and why yes, I do like to be the center of attention, love acting/singing in shows and plays, and have absolutely no problem speaking my mind or point, but in reality I'm actually pretty shy..

I usually only have 2-3 close friends at once and it can take me some to open up to them, honestly it takes me time to open up to anyone. I'm keep very much to myself in every personal way, including wtih my family. And if I had the choice I would gladly sit at home all weekend without talking to a another soul. I love my alone time- choose it over anything else, but when I need to I can entertain and host just about anyone. I could talk to a wall if I wanted to and have never had a problem keeping a conversation going.

Of the 18 points in the article only a few didn't relate to how I feel- the last one really hit home though.  "18. It’s taken you years to figure out that you’re shy. Literal years. And when you tell people, even your closest family members, that you’re “actually just shy” they pause, and then their eyes go big, and they go: “Oh my god you so are.” "- It is just in the last few years that I have realized I am shy- that I like to keep to myself, and when I have mentioned it to family and friends, their reactions are so similar- "yeah, you are a private person" , "yep, I don't really know too too much about you"

I find it so strange that we do find the need to categorize ourselves- but what if we don't have a category, and why do we need to be in one? As a get older I am finding it easier and easier to except who I am, and that it is okay to be me. To have one or two close friends and that's all. Be comfortable sitting at home all day and not talking to anyone- that makes me happy, and isn't that the point? And that's not saying some days I don't spend the whole day out with friends or family or chatting with strangers and that doesn't make me happy but I'm not always outgoing and if I want to keep things to myself (most of me to myself) then I will.

I am me and there is no one else I would rather be.

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22 July 2014

pulled pork w/ homemade bbq sauce and coleslaw

This might be one of the longer dishes that I make, but it is definitely one of the best. Now I make it with pork, because that is what the recipe calls for, but I'm not really sure why it couldn't be adapted to chicken or beef. Talk to your butcher about it though, I know nothing when it comes to meats.Either way you could just make the sauce and dip life into it.

For the Pork:
1 1/2 tsp of ground coriander seed
1 1/2 tsp of ground cumin
1 1/2 tsp of pepper
2 1/4 tsp kosher salt
1 1/2 tsp dry mustard powder
3 tbsp of dark brown sugar
3.5 pds of boneless pork shoulder (sometimes called pork butt)
Hamburger or brioche buns, for serving

For the bbq sauce:
1 1/2 cups of ketchup
1/4 cup of packed dark brown sugar
2 tbsp of molasses
2 garlic cloves, minced or grated
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp of worcestershire sauce
2 tsps of sweet or hot paprika
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp of dry mustard powder
pinch of cayenne pepper
dash of hot sauce, more to taste

left mayo out of the picture- whoops!
For the coleslaw:
1 small head green cabbage, outer leaves removed, shredded (about 1.5 pds)
1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced
1 large jalepeno, seeded if desire, thinly sliced (I left this out bc my peeps don't like hot things- jeez)
3/4 cup of mayonnaise
2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.
2 tsp of EVOO
1 tsp of kosher salt
black pepper to taste

 whew- okay, let's get this party started. 

1. Mix all your spices for your pork in a bowl. Mix it real good. Now if your roast is tied up, untie it- we don't need no strings. Then you take that spice mix and you massage your roast generously- get the spice mix all over it, push it in and let it absorb the goodness. Let your roast then sit for at least an hour or two at room temperature, but for best results wrap it up and stick in the fridge overnight.

2. Now that 24 hours have passed you may take your meat out of the fridge. Pre-heat the over to 300 degrees. Place your pork in a baking pan and roast it for 3-4 hours, or until the meat is pull-apart tender and the internal temp reads 200 degrees on a meat thermometer. Be prepared for delicious scents all over your place- yes your mouth will water. Once the meat is done, let is cool for at least 30 minutes before pulling it apart and shredding it with your hands or two forks.

3. While your meat is cooling, let's get started on this yummy bbq sauce. Add all of the ingredients into a medium pot. Stir well. Simmer over medium-low heat for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the sauce has deepened in color. Season with more hot-sauce if you would like.

4. Once your meat has cooled and been pulled apart add about two-thirds of the sauce to the meat and toss to coat, adding more if you need it. Any extra sauce will keep in your fridge for about two weeks.

 5.  And last but not least make your coleslaw. Add the cabbage, onion and jalapeno to a large bow. In a small bowl, whisk together the mayo, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Add dressing to the cabbage mixture and toss well.

6. Then slam all of these amazing concoctions together on a bun and prepare to go to food heaven. It's real I tell you.


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18 July 2014

I wish I was at summer camp

seriously, those were the days. not a care in the world, surrounded by friends, fun activities and the great outdoors. Camp definitely made summer more enjoyable and even when I was a counselor it never felt like work. Ahh too bad the pay sucked.

But on to better things.. It's Friday! Hooray- just a few hours and freedom is here. I have lots of prepping to do this weekend for my sister's bachelorette party and now I'm finally on the hunt for wedding shoes.My dress came in and I guess I need shoes to actually get it altered.

News of the week:
1) Remember how last week I said I had a date- well he cancelled and it never happened. Feeling a bit depressed in the whole dating area. I'm seriously making an effort in multiple places to try and get this game rolling but womp womp nothing seems to be happening. Maybe because its summer? I don't know. The few people that I've even reached a go on a date stage with either bail or we have trouble finding a time to meet between our schedules. I'm not losing hope but I'm also more upset about it than I thought I would be.

2) On a happier note, I'm linking up with  Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel for the next Bloogmopolitan Quiz!
I had no idea what to answer for the real housewives question- I don't really watch that show..

3) I've been super into hard ciders the past few weeks and seriously cannot get enough. I think I might have a problem- usually in the summer I'm all about Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade, but not this summer..

4) The third Discovery of Witches book came out on Tuesday and so far it's been everything I hoped for and more.. already about 3/4 the way through!!

5) And.. earlier this week I posted a survey for all my readers to take- I haven't gotten many responses which makes me sad because I really really want to know what you guys are looking for when you come here. If you just want to email me that's cool too- but you can find the survey link here.

Happy Friday!! Have a Great Weekend!

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17 July 2014

Liebster Award!

woo-hoo! I'm so super excited because Kelly,from Into the Labryinth, nominated me for the Liebster award. Thank you so much Kelly! I'm thrilled to be participating in this fantastic award- it's a great way to learn about new blogs and the bloggers behind them.

Liebster Award Rules:
1-If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
2-Answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you and make 11 questions for the people are are going to tag
3-Tag 5-11 more bloggers
4-Tell the people you tagged that you did (through comment, personal message, etc.)
5-No tagging back.

11 Facts About Moi:
1)I really really hate snakes!
2)I love to sing- especially show tunes and country
3)Winter is my favorite season- bring on the snow!
4)I was a crazy child- I drank perfume, ate diaper cream and tried to stick a pen in the VCR (those old school things before DVD players)
5)Besides most of it being mumbojumbo I actually really like astrology and learning about your sign. I have a huge birthday book at home and it's super creepy to read!
6) I hate running and love it at the same time
7) I've never been to Disneyland
8) I kind of wish I was one of those doomsday preppers- those people are ready
9) My go-to milkshake flavor is vanilla besides my love for chocolate
10) I hope to one day fill an entire passport with stamps from different places!
11) I really dislike wearing high heels- they make my feet hurt!

Here are Kelly's questions for me to answer..
1- What kind of music do you listen to?  (name the top 3 songs on your ipod/iphone) I love pop music, country and musical showtunes. Top 3 songs right now are Love Never Felt so Good by Michael Jackson feat. Justin Timberlake, All of Me by John Legend, and Do My Thang by Miley Cyrus

2- If you could have a free vacation anywhere, where would it be and who would you bring? Ah this is tough! At this point I would prob pick some swanky hotel in the tropics/Caribbean and bring my sisters.

3- Who is your celebrity crush? Huge fan of JC from NSync- might faint if he ever knew my name

4- Have you ever seen the movie The Labyrinth?Of course!

5- What is your favorite TV series? This one is hard too! I love the walking dead (can't wait for October), PLL, and Orange is the New Black.

6- Where is your favorite place to visit? London, England

7-What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten? I not sure if there is anything super unusual I've eaten- I love sushi, so I've definitely had raw fish. I'm a big fan of Ethiopian food which is definitely different. I'm not picky so I'm up for trying anything!

8-What is your favorite Movie? These questions! Too hard to answer- I find myself re-watching several films, I love any Disney Pixar, Pitch Perfect, almost all of the natural disaster/end of the world ones like independence day, day after tomorrow.

9- Do you have a special talent or something unique about yourself? Not really- maybe that makes me sound lame but my special talents are reading all day and my fantastic sense of direction.

10- How did you come up with your blog name? My favorite color is blue, my favorite animals are giraffes and I live in the concrete jungle of NYC!

11-What type of drink do you order at a bar? My go to drink these days is Captain Morgan and Ginger Ale. Yum!

I nominate:
1) Jules from If I had 100 Dollars
2) Lindsey from Lindsey Living Vegan
3) Courtney at Southern Class, Carolina Sass
4) Jillian from A baJillian Recipes
5) Emily from The Rant
6) Yalanda from Laugh Anyway
7) Erica from Looking to The Stars

My Questions for them...
1) What are your top 3 favorite books?
2) What has been the best place you have ever traveled too?
3) If you could only wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4) Pizza or French Fries?
5) Favorite animal?
6) What house would you be in if you went to Hogwarts?
7) What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
8) Have you ever done a double/triple feature at the movies (meaning you paid for one film, but then snuck into a different theater to watch another show)?
9) What is your favorite part about blogging so far?
10) If you had three wishes, what would they be?
11) If you blog was a cocktail, what kind would it be?

Have Fun!

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16 July 2014

Look! Look! It's a book!

It's that time again- a book review time. You may wonder sometimes how I am able to read all these wonderful books and I usually ask myself the same question... miraculously in the the time I have on this planet I am able to squeeze in precious minutes of reading time, usually when I'm on some form of public transportation. It is definitely a perk of living in NYC. Anyways.. on to the good stuff!

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: I can't remember if I've talked about this book before- and if I have, ignore me- but at the same time, don't. This is one of the best books I've read in the the past few years. I was actually upset and super excited all at the same time when I found out it was the author's first. This lady is going places- or maybe it will be her one hit wonder and I might also be okay with that. As the title says- it's about a Night Circus- basically the circus of your wildest dreams, one filled with exotic tents, incredible food and that literally appears overnight. The book is about magic, and a competition so incredible you only wish it could be real. The descriptions are spectacular, the plot keeps you wanting more, and like Harry Potter all you want is for it to be real. Go and read it- knock yourself out and start it on a weekend because once you stop you won't want to finish. You're welcome.

The Lorien Legacies- Books 1-4 by Pittacus Lore: While in Florida I read the first four books in the Lorien Legacies series. The first being I am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine and The Fall of Five. The first story falls a boy named John Smith who is part of an alien race that escaped to Earth. Himself, along with 8 other children left their home planet after being attacked by another alien race called the Mogadorians. The Mogs (as they call them) are hunting down the kids, except they can only kill the children in numerical order. John is number four (surprise, I know) and at this point in his life the previous three have been killed, meaning he is next. They get cool powers from their home place called legacies (i.e flying, turning invisible, shape-shifting) and the existing aliens must find each and work together to save their race! Ah the drama! It's actually a fun series, with a somewhat predictable plot, but easy to read and enjoyable.

Panic by Lauren Oliver: I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this book but it was really great. The story takes place in a super small town where every summer the graduating seniors have an opportunity to play a legendary but dangerous game. The pay out is huge but the stakes are high. You follow two different teens playing the game, each for their own reason and experience why they are there, how their game goes, and the pressure they feel with every move.

Hollow City (second novel to Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children) by Ransom Riggs: This is the second book to the Peculiar Children series. Not going to get crazy with details bc spoilers- duh, but I thought they did an excellent job with it and I'm looking forward to the third in the series. Picks up right where the first drops off, we get to meet some new interesting peculiars (the children with awesome powers) and get a bit more insight into what they are fighting for. If you haven't read the first one yet check out my review here!

The Selection by Kiera Cass: I mentioned this book last week and I'm giving you more details. Future world- America (main character) lives in society broken into castes ruled by a royal family. When a prince is of age, a "selection" is made of all the eligible women in the society to become the future king. They live in the castle and compete in a the bachelorette show way to win over the current prince. America is of a lower caste and although doesn't want to enter is convinced by her mother and secret boyfriend. Alas she makes it to the competition and the book goes on. I loved it- fun to read, a different view on a future society, definitely up there with the other popular YA novels going around right now.

The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) by Michael Scott: I've seen this one floating around for a while and finally got a chance to actually sit down and read it. As the title says it's about Nicholas Flamel- yep the same one from Harry Potter who created the sorcerer's stone. The book takes place in modern day where the Flamels are living in San Francisco with their magical book of life. John Dee (also a historical figure who dappled in alchemy with Queen Elizabeth - the original 007) tries to steal the book and with the aid of twins, Sophie and Josh, they must fight the evil beings from taking over the world. Sha-bam. Pretty good story, I will read the next one. Also like the tie-ins from other recent books I've read (like HP with the Flamels, and Discovery of Witches, which talks about John Dee).

The Third Gate by Lincoln Child: I happened upon this book when trying to find some things to read for my vacation. It's a suspense-ish novel about a mysterious Egyptian tomb found by a famous archeologist. Along with some other specialists Jeremy Logan is brought out to help solve the curse on the tomb. Along with being in a very unappealing part of Egypt (the nasty Sudd) and the mysterious happenings that keep occurring they must discover what is inside! The book was okay- it's been a long time since I've read anything similar so it was a nice change of pace but I wouldn't tell you to run out and read it.
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15 July 2014

ya'll are my favorites

Everyday I get on this blog and am absolutely amazed by how many people are actually reading it. Not that it's a crazy amount or anywhere near the best of the best, but the fact is you are out there and you are enjoying (hopefully!) the things I am writing. Thank you, thank you!

I came into this whole blogging world to just find a spot to get into the habit of writing, for my hiking trip in a few years. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would actually gain readers (besides my family), and readers that come on a consistent basis- some of whom I've now met, or emailed with or started a conversation on twitter with.

Today - I want to know more about you, where you're from- what keeps you coming back to this little space on the web. If you could oh so kindly fill out this beautiful form I created (gotta love google docs!) I would be very appreciative.

Thank you! And I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!
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14 July 2014

summertime and the living is easy

Another Monday, another beautiful weekend over.. Summertime in NYC brings so many great things- concerts, outdoor seating, and the wonderful Coney Island.

That was my Saturday this weekend- trekking to Coney Island and having a wonderful time with my ridiculously awesome friends. Although our intentions were to ride some rides, eat delicious greasy food and possible touch the beach it turned into more of a lay on the beach, relax on the sand, drink a margarita, and eat a hot dog kind of day. no complaints here- seriously.

Coney Island is a great atmosphere- I try to head down there at least once every summer. We hit up Nathan's and even got a free giant beer from a stranger, win! I enjoyed every second of our beach time, and the hour + ride home. The girls even came over after to watch Mean Girls and kill a few bottles of wine. Basically a perfect day in my book.

Sunday was lazy lazy lazy- I met up with a few peeps for brunch, then came home and just chilled. Much needed- happy to do it. Actually I watched a few cute movies on Netflix- one called The Forger starring a younger Josh Hutcherson and Hayden P, and another interesting one called Timer. And side note- Friday I finally watched Iron Man 3. Plus if you haven't watched The Impossible yet- add it your list of movies to make you cry- pretty sure I did at least five times, and I already knew the outcome of the movie.

Anyways another crazy week ahead - be strong! The weekend is only 5 days away!
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