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30 April 2014

Travel Tips for NYC

NYC is a wonderful place and a tourist attraction for millions each year . Obviously tourists help the economy, and make NYC the beautiful city it is but I think travelers should be given some tips when entering this crazy concrete jungle.

1) Taxi Cabs- these are greatest things in existence but to hail one you first need to find one that is actually open. Want to know the trick? If the numbers on the top of the cab are lit up then 95% of the time that means the cab is available! No lights- no cab. I can't even tell you the amount of dirty looks tourists give cabs when they drive-by and don't stop. And if you see a light on- scream TAXI! Sometimes they don't see your hand out..

2) Times Square- and other popular tourist areas. I get it, these places are featured in every movie, show, whatever takes place in NYC. But stopping in the middle of the sidewalk is only giving you the opportunity to be ran over or smacked by a local. Picture taking is highly encouraged- just step to the side when you do so.

3) NYC is a grid. Uptown is north, downtown is south. That means the higher the street number the further north you are going. The city also has avenues that run East to West. 1st Ave is on the east side, 12th Ave is all the way on the West side. Central Park is in the center of the city, surprise!

4) Use the Subway and Buses! NYC has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. If you have questions about it, ask! Googlemaps is also fantastic and there are many other apps that will help out. Another great new addition to the system is MTA Bustime. This has been a lifesaver for me. You text a code, located on each bus stop, to a phone number and it tells you exactly how far away the bus is. Magical!

5) And on the note of questions- New Yorkers are actually quite friendly, and we are very helpful. Multiple times a day I help a tourist find a building, street, or museum. And I notice others do the same. WE are happy to have you here and want to make sure you have the best time possible. That means helping you when you are lost, or to find a great restaurant to try or the best shop with a discount. Don't be afraid- we may walk fast, but we are not scary.

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  1. haha love your little taxi diagram - thanks for the tips!

  2. Hah I LOVE this! A million percent true! I work in Times Square and just want to give everyone tips that look so lost

  3. The grid thing always helps me in a new city. Visiting NYC sometime soon is definitely on my travel bucket list!