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03 April 2014

8 things I wish I was better at...

Not to dig at myself, but I know we all have somethings we wish we were better at- maybe you wish you had better math skills, or could open that jar without help. Here are a few things I wish I was better at...

1) Cutting a Mango- I think I've watched every tutorial on this on by golly I can just not get it. At this point in my life I either butcher the mango or just buy it pre-cut. Someone teach me their ways!

is this for real?
2) Calling my grandparents- I'm the worst at keeping in touch with my grandparents. I know I should call them, and on many days it is on my to do list but alas I then don't. I'm going to call them right now..

3) Hanging things on the wall- I get the concept of putting a nail/hook in the wall and then placing an awesome picture or painting on it but every time I try it always ends up crooked. Even when I use a level. sigh.
looks easy...

4) Wearing jewelry- I'm not sure this is actually something you can be bad at or good at? but I wish was better at accessorizing- which I guess is what I am really aiming for here. It's never on top of my to do list when I dress myself and although I like looking at jewelry I can never find what I think would actually look good with clothes. Fashion police- help me!

5) Taking pictures- I've been a bit better since I started the blog but I wish I was better at taking pictures of myself, and of myself I mean getting myself photographed- either by friends or family, or just by a stranger when on vacation. I have had a lot of great opportunities the past few years to do some fun things and I don't feel like I have pictures of any of it..

6) Asking for help- this is a tough one, and since I was little I've always had a bit of problem with this- my mom even told me recently I did 99% of my own school projects and that I also seemed so annoyed when she even mentioned helping me. I like doing things on my own and saying that I did them on my own- but at the same time I shouldn't be so stubborn in asking for help, because sometimes you need help and that's okay.

7) html coding- my good friend Leah designed this blog for me and harry potter bless her. I'm sure with a lot, I mean A LOT, of tutorials I could figure this all out but besides a few <center> codes here and there it's a bit lost on me.

foreign language 101
8) Doing my hair- I've never been one to really do my hair, I'm a big fan of washing it, running my fingers through it, and walking out the door. This is very hard to do when it's 2 degrees outside which requires me to then blow dry my hair. Either way it usually looks like a mess and ends up in a pony-tail quickly. Right now my hair is short but when it gets longer- I'm seriously going to find someone to teach me to do my own blow-out.

What types of things do you wish you were better at?


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  1. HAHA omg I always completely butcher mangos, it's absurd. I feel ya.

  2. OK so THAT is how to eat a mango. I love them but always end up in a juicy sticky mess halfway through!

  3. I've mastered the art of cutting mangoes from growing up with them in my backyard but HTML coding will be the death of me!

  4. Oh gosh! I can relate to practically every single one of these! It would be so much easier if I understood html more... guess I'll just have to pay someone else to take care of that for me...

  5. I agreed with your list...HTML kind of scares me to be honest. Wish I knew more about it though. Stopping by from the link up!

  6. Coding can be really fun!! You should take some tutorials, they can be found on Pinterest! It's not as scary as you think :)