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19 June 2015

t-swizzle, dinosaurs, and drinks by the hour

 While I sit here and figure out which direction this blog is going in and what exactly I can write about I am also aware that it has been several weeks since my last post. I can't even say its that I don't have time to write the posts, because I certainly do, but at the same time I don't.

I'm for certain feeling a block- not necessarily a writer's block because I know I could get on here and just futz around with whatever I'm currently up to but I'm not sure that is what type of space I want to be anymore. I'd like to pretend I'm interesting, but do 500-600 people really need to know what I did over the weekend? Sometimes it's nothing.

Current Updates:

1) I spent the first weekend of June in Florida for my best friend's bachelorette and bridal shower, both of which I basically planned myself but am oh so grateful for the help I did receive. It's not as much fun as it sounds planning two events from a different state. The bachelorette party was fun, and thankfully a bit relaxing for myself. We got a hotel room at The Disney Yacht Club and spent the day lounging by the pool. After making ourselves look pretty we had a delicious steak dinner at the Yachtsman Restaurant and then spent several hours dancing and being ridiculous at The Atlantic Dance Hall and Jellyrolls on Disney's Boardwalk.

The bridal shower was the next day. My biggest regret was not putting someone in charge of taking pictures. A big bad on my part. We did take some fun photos with a polaroid camera.. The theme of the party was chevron, in gray, purple and turquoise. For favors I brought down the bride's favorite cupcakes from NYC and gave out mini-bottles of champagne with chevron straws. It was all very cute. And successful, so win in my book!

2) Last weekend started with me replacing the glass on my iphone. Yes folks, it can be done- you too can replace the glass yourself!! The process was a little tough and took A LOT of patience, but saved me a good $75 dollars. I hope I never have to do it again, although I do know now that if I really had to I could. Lots of knocking on wood!

3) Saturday brought the travels of heading to Philadelphia for the Taylor Swift concert!! I went with my sisters and a best friend of mine from NYC. Taylor, as usual, was perfection. She did almost the entire 1989 album, except for maybe one song off the extended version, plus a few oldies (like Trouble, We are Never Getting Back Together and Love Story). Special guests included Mariska Hargitay and Fight Song singer Rachel Platten.

4) Of course since the gang was all together, Sunday meant going to see Jurassic World. I thought it was really good. Another win for the series.

5) This past week I had a few days off while my bosses and the kids traveled to Chicago. I helped my sister in Hoboken with my two sweet nephews for one day and then caught up some more with OITNB the next day plus had my second alumnae chapter event of the summer. Did I mention that I became of my alumnae chapter here in the city? It's been.. interesting. But so far successful!


Skipping the link-up today because I didn't plan this well enough.. my b. hopefully next week!

Have a great weekend!!

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