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24 April 2014

Attack of the Cab Driver

NYC is usually a wonderful place- I currently call it home and adore that fact. Even so, you can encounter some nasty characters including evil cab drivers.

Last fall I unfortunately had the experience of meeting one of these crazies- one who I almost had to call the police on- it was not my most favorite night.

To start with I lost a great pair of shoes. We went out to celebrate a friend's birthday- and since I knew my feet would be dying  from my heels at the end of the night I planned for once and packed a pair of flip-flops in my purse. Late into the night, we are all decide to head home and as I pick up my purse to change my shoes I realize that someone has taken them out! I looked all around, with the aid of my friends, and no luck, they were gone.
shoes that were lost stolen.. so sad! 

We headed outside to find cabs, which is a bit impossible in the meatpacking district, and my feet were hurting something awful . Finally I couldn't take it and I did something I'm disgusted to admit- I took off my heels in the streets of NYC. I can assure you I thoroughly washed my feet, several times, when I did finally manage to arrive at home. My good friend's gentleman boyfriend offered me his own shoes after a few minutes- and I was oh so thankful, I only wore them for a step or two though because then I found the impossible- a cab, a gypsy cab (meaning not a metered yellow taxi), but a cab nonetheless.
gypsy cab

 yellow cab

I hopped in and told the driver where I was going- 110th and 6th Ave. He repeats 110th and 6th. I told him yes and gave him a price $30, more than reasonable for the distance and time of night. He agrees and we are off.

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general idea of route I was meant to be taking...

About 3-4 mins later, we stop. He tells me we are here miss. Um excuse, no we are not. Yes, Yes we are at 110 6th Ave, give me my $30.

WTF? No sir, I told you 110th and 6th Ave- not 110 6th Ave. I could have walked here. I'm giving you $30 to go to Harlem. I am not a tourist I know where I am going and how much it costs to get there.

This man demands I give him $30- I tell him I will give him $5. I'm not paying $30 for having gone 5 blocks, that's insane. I mention a yellow cab would be around $30 to go to Harlem and that is what I expect to pay him to do the same. He is not happy with this sentence.

Then sh*t really starts to go down- I try to open the car door to leaves, and he locks it. LOCKS the door- to his car. I reach to grab my phone- and he turns around in his seat and grabs my purse strap, holding me there, telling me I have to give him his money. I'm practically in tears at this point- upset at the situation and the way I'm being treated, as well as terrified. Thankfully I'm able to keep my cool and dial 911. Just before I hit send I inform the driver of what I am about to do. This breaks his spell because he releases me, unlocks the door and I jump out as fast as I can. And then I nicely flicked him off while screaming that now you didn't get paid at all!

I was able to flag a yellow cab- a legit metered vehicle at that point. I calmly explained where I was going, was assured the driver understood and was then officially on my way home to wash my nasty feet.

And you know what- my cab ride, with tip, was only $28.50 in the end. Boo-ya.

I've avoided gypsy cabs since then- and am very thankful the night didn't end differently, but geez there are definitely some a-holes out there.

Welcome to NYC
Happy Little Friday!

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  1. Holy cow! How scary!!! Do you Uber? Whenever I'm in a big city that's what I do. So sorry this happened to you.

  2. Wow I'd freak out!!! Glad it worked out! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Are you kidding me?! That is just not right that he would treat you like that. I work a company in SF that is a mobile app for taxis. Basically hailing and paying for a legit, real cab. We aren't in NYC yet so I would suggest using a similar service next time you are out late. Please be careful!