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03 June 2014

Home Sweet Hollins

I spent this past weekend in Virginia celebrating my 5th year reunion from college! Time sure does fly..  Mostly my time was spent the catching up with old friends, meeting lots of awesome alums and drinking a bunch. I was meant to take part in a hike and golf clinic- but skipped them to hang out with friends instead. I did however attend the chocolate tasting I signed up for!

A chunk of our class at reunion this year getting ready to parade around the quad
Chocolate Tasting- the bottom right corner was my favorite (caramel sea salt truffle... soo good!!)
The weekend started out a bit rough. Once upon a time when I actually bought my plane ticket, I was meant to leave NYC bright and early at 6:30 am, have a quick layover in Charlotte and land in Roanoke around 10:30. Then sometime in March they cancelled my second flight and I was bumped to a 2.5 hour layover in Charlotte and landing around 1. Okay, I can deal with that.

Fast forward to this past Friday, where I wake up at 4 am to get to the airport on time. Call a cab, am pulling away from my building and boom- first flight is cancelled. I immediately call the airline to find out the next flight I am eligible to get on doesn't even leave NY until 4:15! No bueno. I panic and cry a little and thankfully make it on to another flight that leaves at 10 am and lands at 1:00.

I went back to sleep for a bit and then decide randomly to go to the airport early. This was the best decision I might have made all weekend. I get LaGuardia, stand in line to check in and they tell me I don't have a ticket. Excuse me? Ah - panic alert!

After figuring out that whoever had transferred my ticket early in the morning hadn't actually done just that, my options were to leave at 2 pm, take the direct flight at 4:30 or wait stand-by with another 6 people in front of me. Or.. I could drive to JFK airport and do standby  on their 10 am flight and be first in line. I took the chance, grabbed a cab, quickly got to JFK and crossed my fingers someone wouldn't show up. 
Luck was on my side, finally, because a lovely man, whom I've never met named Ryan Lewis, decided to not fly. I got his seat and I graciously thank him for whatever his reasons were for not flying on Friday morning.

The weekend was much less chaotic after that- I arrived on campus which is like coming home. Hollins is continually growing and evolving but the core traditions and behavior are still the same. Everything even smells the same- I absolutely adored being back on campus, acting like a hooligan and taking lots of crazy pictures.

Tinker Cake!! Traditionally eating at the top of a large mountain..
Reunion is best for sitting in the hospitality party room, and just telling stories, laughing, and being together. We did talk a lot about poop (an important thing in all of our lives, I'm not sure why we find it so taboo).

I met and chatted with many of our amazing alums, the wonderful president of our university and wishing it would all last just a few hours longer!
awesome alums! aka Ann Compton
our fantastic President Gray!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! 

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