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10 June 2014

travel to your imagination...

This is a book review post- I've been reading some new ones lately and since my taste is flawless- I recommend you all read them.

Cambridge by Susanna Kaysen:
    As a child of a Harvard professor, Susanna is taken to London, Athens, and Florence- all places she would rather not be. As the narrator of her life, Susanna is a precocious child floating through a life she doesn't want. She hates school, loves reading, and only wants to be in her beloved Cambridge home. Susanna is a feisty narrator taking you through her childhood and adventures. I found the book to be a quicker read but it was enjoyable and I do recommend it.

Black Moon by Kenneth Calhoun:
    I had this story on my list of books to read- although by the time it arrived in my inbox I had forgotten what it was about. Insomnia is taking over the world in this story, and it is told from the view of a handful of people who have not yet been affected by the lack of sleep. They watch as their friends, family, neighbors, and everyone around them strive for sleep while turning insane. The insomniacs trash stores, attack the "sleepers" and cause chaos everywhere. This was a weird twist on a common ailment that we see on an everyday basis- one that could potentially happen. While few try their best to cure, the sleepers must find safety to continue on their way of life.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs:
       Growing up,  Jacob was always intrigued by his grandfathers stories of the children's home he grew up in- girls that could float, invisible boys. After his grandfather mysteriously dies, Jacob travels to try and find this old home for closure and finds more than he could have ever dreamed of. A mix of fantasy, history and the unknown this was a great YA/Children's novel- neither of which you need to be to read the book. I have yet to read the sequel but very much enjoyed this story.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tart:
          I only picked up this book up because its been on about every book-list I've seen in the last few months. I literally had no idea what is was about- which can either be good or bad when reading those first few pages. The story is about a boy, a man- you meet him as a teenager on the day his mother dies, they were both in a museum when a bombing occurred. You follow him as he lives with family friends, to living with his estranged father, then as he grows and finds his way back to NYC. The title comes from painting he steals, one which inevitably wreaks havoc on his life. I liked the book, it was a bit slow at times but the premise was interesting and I liked the character development.


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn:
      This is by the same author who wrote Gone Girl (another fantastic crazy book) and on the same wavelength with twists and turns. Camille must go back to her childhood town, back to a crazy mother, an unseen father and a bitch brat of a half-sister, to report on the story of two missing young girls.  While putting together the clues and pushing to solve the mystery she learns more about herself and her family then she ever thought she would. Gillian Flynn writes a fantastic book- it's between this one and Gone Girl of which of hers is my favorite. If you liked that book, you will definitely like this one as well.And if you haven't read either yet, add them both to your list- pronto!

Happy Reading!!

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  1. I finally started reading Gone Girl this weekend! I'm halfway in and I'm obsessed! I'm def going to check out her other books.

  2. I didn't know Gillian came out with a new book! I LOOOOVED gone girl.

  3. thanks for the recommendations! i have the goldfinch on my list now and happy to find some others to add too.