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19 June 2014

Peachy Keen + Giveaway!

Hello beautiful readers! How do you smell today? Odd question, I'm sure, but my good friend Jeanette, over at Peach Keen Perfume, is here today to help you smell fantastic.

I've known Jeanette for many years- we went to university together, and she recently started her own perfume making business.

Jeanette has always been interested in scent. As a child she would reach up to the thick glass bottles of her grandmother’s vanity just to sneak a whiff of her collection.

The art of perfumery came to life for the first time for Jeanette when she studied abroad in Paris and took a trip to Grasse in Provence, the fragrance capital of the world. She noticed how perfumery was deliberately shrouded in mystery, and that bottles of perfume were always available for purchase but never for creation. 

She began to start uncovering this mystery when Jeanette lived and worked in Morocco for two years. Hidden in the crooked alleyways of souks in Tangier, Rabat, and Casablanca, Jeanette would find stalls where raw materials for perfumes were available for mixing. Through befriending Moroccan perfumers who worked with some of the finest oils in the world, she began to learn the art of perfumery. With continued practice she unraveled the mystery of making perfume.

Jeanette is a military spouse and makes politically and environmentally conscious purchases for her business. And as a teacher turned social entrepreneur, she donates a portion of her profits to educational programs. She plans to always donate a portion of her profits, and the charity will rotate based on current events. For the month of May, she donated to the Hollins University gift fund- her alma mater, and in honor of our five year reunion. For the month of June she will be working with a non-profit that focuses on fighting child hunger especially during the summer for children who are normally dependent on school lunches. Since June's topic is a current event that could possibly endure through the summer, it will be the recipient until September. 

Today Jeanette is kindly giving away the first scent she created for her business,Ocean Boulevard. Ocean Boulevard is delicately handmade by Jeanette, herself, in sunny San Diego, California. Top notes open up with an inviting citrus that fades to heart notes of windswept pink jasmine and the airy smell of the ocean waves. As the perfume settles you will discover notes of vetiver and white musk. This perfume is a balanced olfactory experience for the beach lover. The scent has a tenacity of 6 hours.

I'm a huge fan of Ocean Boulevard, I picked up my own bottle at reunion earlier this month and have been wearing it every day since. The scent is light, fresh, and perfect for daily wear. She currently sells it online, and at Make Good, a boutique in San Diego. I encourage you all to check out her site and enter this fantastic giveaway!

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