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28 May 2014

sunshine and rainbows

golly- it's been a long week and it's only Wednesday! I hope everyone had  a great three day weekend- I did not because I work basically every holiday but I am taking off on Friday to attend my 5-year college reunion. It seriously weirds me out that it has already been 5 years since I graduated. Freaky.

Besides having to work on Monday, I did have an entertaining weekend. Saw a cool band play on Saturday night called Air Traffic Controller, who reminds me a lot of another sweet band I like called The Good Mad.

Air Traffic Controller
Hurry Hurry by Air Traffic Controller on Grooveshark

Sunday was spent with my super awesome friends- we brunched in the morning and then lounged in Central Park for a few hours playing with cards, paddle boards and just relaxing. We all ended up eating dinner together and played a game called Balderdash.

I worked on Monday, took the kids down to Union Square Park to wander around the Green Market and pick up some plants for their garden. We played in the park for a while, getting our feet wet and running around. Monday night was spent at a welcome back dinner for a good friend of mine at Carmine's. Delicious food and drinks all around.

and fun surprise.. I came home yesterday to a rather large box from my Mom. She had told me she was sending a package and I was going to love it and it was just so cute. And also my sister's had said it was cute, the woman at the post office had said it was cute... I was a bit unsure of what was happening and weirded by "cute" being the describing word, but she made me these super adorable pillows with blue giraffes on them in honor of the blog! I'm in love, seriously!! Thank you mom!!

Thankfully the week is flying by!! Also don't forget to enter that great giveaway I've got going on right now, only a few hours left!!!

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  1. oh my gosh those pillows are adorable!

  2. Those pillows are so cute! Moms are the best

  3. looks like such a fun weekend! and love those pillows too :)