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06 June 2014

Love What You Wear

I'm super excited because I finally received my first Stitch Fix in the mail!! I heard about Stitch Fix through the blog world in the past few months and after seeing multiple people unpacking some amazing boxes, I knew I had to sign up myself.

After filling an extensive profile about yourself, the clothing you prefer and your fashion style, a stylist picks 3-5 pieces to send you in your box. They charge you a $20 styling fee about a week before, but it becomes a credit towards any piece of clothing or accessory that you decide to buy with your shipment. Anything you don't like you send back (for free!) and everything you do like you pay for. Also if you decide you love your whole box, you receive an additional 25% off!

These are the pieces sent to me this first month- I was a bit iffy about the last one but after trying it on, I loved it!
Sophia Ankle Length Skinny Jean + Front of the Tucker Mixed Print Split-Back Tank
Back of the Tucker Mixed Print Split-Back Tank
Malila Embroidery Detail Tank
Marilyn Mix Striped Maxi Skirt
Giuliano Bejeweled Short Sleeve Top
I decided to keep all five of them... surprise, surprise. (The jeans are the fifth piece!) For the most part they had my style to the tee- casual, laid-back, comfy, but also some interesting looks to keep it different.

I encourage you all to sign-up! You can use this link here.. Stitch Fix. It is really a great site, and  a fantastic way to try some new fashion and figure out new styles.

Have A Great Weekend!
(I plan on watching the second season of Orange is The New Black- out TODAY!!)
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  1. Whoa that is super cool! I've never heard of Stitch Fix but I'll check it out :) I really need to start watching orange is the new black... seems like everyone is addicted to it!

  2. I love that first tank top that's split in the back!! I like the idea of Stitch Fix, but since I'm super tall I don't know if it would be the best option for me. I feel like all the pants and dresses would be too short!

    1. I am not sure how 'super tall' you are, but as a 5'10" woman, I have been very pleased with the clothing I've been sent. I just recently got a great long-sleeved (with tabs for short-sleeve option) that has great extra length in the sleeve. I also received a maxi skirt with just the right length to it. They do ask for your height, so I'd give it a whirl for one shipment and see if they can come up with appropriate clothes for your height.

    2. I am also tall (5'10") and had the same reservations at first. I LOVED my recent fix. The jeans fit perfectly. I was shocked. Us tall girls need some love and Stitch Fix hit it out of the park for me. Best of luck!

  3. Stitch Fix is my fav ever! Just got mine too - I try to keep myself to one thing a month!

  4. I love the chevron/embroidered top. Right up my alley! Glad you enjoyed your first fix!