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26 June 2014

The Dating Game

You guys- I'm on a mission. Remember a few weeks/months? ago when I mentioned I was going to do some new blog series on dating. well - it's happening. Like right now. I am going to play my own dating game, with an end result of hopefully finding my own little snuggle muffin (that's a joke, I would never have a little snuggle muffin, obviously the future "he" will be a big one!) but for serious.

Now, since we were finally graced with summer, I thought it would be as good of time as any to get this party started. From June 21st- September 21st (this might be extended due to all my travels) I am going to follow some dating rules. Ones that I am setting myself, but should be entertaining nonetheless. via the various online sites I'm a part of (tinder, okcupid, and match) plus the good old meeting at a bar/library/yoga class (really?) I must follow these all to a tee- and then report back to this beautiful place.

1) I will respond to anyone you sends me a message via these sites (as long as they are not raunchy or inappropriate, I'm not looking for crazy). Doesn't matter how they look, or my initial first impression. I must hit reply.

2) If we reach a point where I am asked for a drink, lunch, dinner, mini-golf.. I must accept. End of story- in the words of Nike- Just Do It.

3) I will then go on this said date and regale you all with these fantastic details
       a) what I wore- because it's important, but I will probably repeat a lot of outfits. Get over it.
       b) the first thing the gentleman (I hope) in question says to me
       c) the details of the excursion - where did we go, was he nice, did he tell me his life story?
       d) kiss, hug, or shake? this will be my ranking in a way not if it necessarily happened (a girls got to keep some secrets, right?)

I aim to hit 30 of these things in the 3 months but beggars can't be choosers so I will take what comes. And who knows, maybe I will meet some cool people?

Let the Hunger Games Begin!
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  1. You go girl! I was scared to death to meet Mike after we had talked online for so long...turns out hes the love of my life :)

  2. May the odds be ever in your favor! :) Sounds fun! I cant wait to hear what happens!

  3. Can I add two suggestions, based on my past experiences?
    4. Drive yourself, always, always meet in a public place, and tell a friend where you're going. Maybe even consider letting them track your phone's location.
    5. If they say anything creepy, don't go.

    Otherwise, this should be VERY interesting! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures.