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16 June 2014

what else are weekends for?

Besides having lots of fun...

I had a pretty nice weekend- thankfully because the weather was helpful. Saturday morning I woke up nice and early to participate in the Oakley Mini 10K Race. Now last year, 2013, I was super into running. Mostly because I had the time to- I went for a run 4-5 days a week, started running races to motivate myself and over the course of the year completed two half-marathons, a 10-mile run, three 10Ks, two 4-mile runs, and two 5Ks. This qualified me for the marathon this year. But then I kind of stopped running... I started my new job, which has crazy hours, the winter was crazy, blah blah blah excuses. Push comes to shove now I'm now 20-weeks out from the NYC Marathon and I have to start running again. I signed up for a training course, registered for some races and broke out my running shoes to get this party started again!

I ran a few times last week to get back in the swing of things and then ran my race on Saturday... it was slow going, but I made it across the finish. Here's to many miles more!!
Before the Race

After the Race

After the race I went with a friend to a favorite place of mine, Joe Shanghai's, for delicious soup dumplings. Yum yum yum, they really are the best! Next time you are in NYC you have to stop by there.

Saturday night was super chill, my friend D and I stayed in and had wine/movie night (our second of the week, although this one was way less crazy). We watched Oz the Great and Powerful, G.B.F (my new favorite movie), and Struck by Lightning.

If you haven't heard of G.B.F- you need to go on to Netflixs now and watch it. one, it's freakin hilarious, and two it has a fantastic cast.  That's all I'm going to tell you. Now go and Enjoy!

Sunday morning brought the most interesting surprise. Besides being my 5th year anniversary of moving to NYC (so crazy!) and Father's Day,  while I was getting ready to go to brunch, my entry box buzzed. I wasn't expecting anyone so I ignored it. After it buzzed again, I went and asked who it was. "It's the mailman- I have a package for you" hmm- okay, I wasn't expecting a box but maybe one of my roommates was. Guy gets to the door and the box is for me, and it's from amazon. Now I did order some things but had them sent to work - but maybe I had made a mistake and they got sent to my home address instead? But then I opened the box and was treated to the sight of seasons 1-5 of the wonderful tv show "In Living Color". Yep. All 5. Um I didn't order this? I was freaking out a bit because I thought maybe someone had hacked the account. But no, not the case. 

After finally figuring out the number to call amazon, I get a customer service rep on the phone. The gentleman is very nice and helping me find out who sent me the box. "Ma'am - Gordan Samuel sent this to you". What? Who? I have no idea who this person is. Now I'm really going crazy- is someone stalking me? Sending me strange gifts? Can I send this back and have you refund the money to whoever this Gordon person is?

Then the rep asks me if I had ever heard of Teri Falco- and wait yes I have, that is my Aunt. 

So low and behold the gift is from my Aunt. After much giggles and laughs, and a great story for brunch, I am now a proud owner of all 5 seasons of this wonderful show!

Sunday afternoon was relaxing and involved calling all the wonderful fathers in my life and wishing them a fantabulous day! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Happy Father's Day!

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  1. That's so great! I know that has to be an amazing feeling to cross that finish line!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend. so fun getting a free surprise gift! and a 10k is a lot of running!