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12 June 2014

Picture This Moment

I've been running around a bit like a crazy person, plus was madly hungover yesterday due to a ladies wine night on Tuesday that ended in the wee hours of the morning. I'm not quite sure what it is about Tuesday nights, but things always end up crazy when I'm with my friends (one time we ended up at a strip club.. but that's another story). This Tuesday included watching Pitch Perfect for the millionth time, and my poor friend K still not actually being able to see what it was about... sorry! I did let her borrow it though so hopefully she can finally enjoy it all. We also had some intense conversations about women's rights, and men being butt munches. And somehow my giant birthday book was dragged out while we analyzed our astrological predictions. (some descriptors were spot on for all of us- creepy!)

I'm also working on some other posts that are still coming together which kind of explains the lack of them... maybe? Anyways- thought I would throw out some of the last few pictures on my phone, for fun. As usual they are mostly of children and animals. Enjoy!

snuggly Sadie! 

enjoying my free yogurt courtesy of Influenster- pineapple passionfruit- yum!!

the sweetest nephew! 

my little koala monkey!

so sweet!

Father's Day cards I made for the kids for their dad- because that is part of my job

This month's birchbox! excited to try that eye-shadow sampler and the lipgloss
Happy Almost Friday!
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  1. Your Tuesdays = My Wednesdays. We've sworn to only meet other days in the month now so we can all keep our jobs ha!