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27 June 2014

Friday Dance Party

I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow! I'm super excited to get back down to the Sunshine State and get in some beach time, see some friends, family, fellow bloggers, and have a Disney day! The week has been long with anticipation but this time tomorrow I will be flying through the air...

Some Friday Favorites + News

1) Oil-pulling: This thing has been all over the web for the past few months so I put on a best face, spent 7 bucks and tried it for myself. Since last Friday I have pulled 15-20 mins each day, using organic coconut oil. I honestly don't think it has been too awful, but I can't say I've noticed any changes yet. Maybe it's too early in? I'm going to stick with it for a few more weeks and see what happens. I have only been using a tablespoon- not even sure if I could do more, by the end of your time that amount really increases. Will keep you updated!

2) Juice Cleanse: Maybe I'm on a weird health kick- I don't know, but I did do a mini- 3 day cleanse this week from Raw Generation. It wasn't as bad as I thought- I did eat dinner on the first night but I figured I still had just juiced for breakfast and lunch. Day two was fine- they do say if you get hungry eat fruit, and even with that I only had an apple right before my "dinner" juice. I drank 6 bottles of juice and a ridiculous amount of water which resulted in frequent bathroom breaks. But the juices tasted good, were filling and I did lose a few pounds- ones that I will most likely gain back as soon as I start eating actually food again. Not sure if I really feel healthier but I can now say I've tried it.
3) The Dating Game - I've already got one date lined up for when I get back from vacation but keeping my options open for while I am away as well. Maybe my true love lives in Orlando and works at Harry Potter world?

4) It has been a seriously ridiculous week and I am oh so glad that in a few hours I will be done and off for an entire week! I hurt my leg running my race last week, and then we found out Big J got into a different (better) kindergarten for next year. Between running to the doctor, trying to get x-rays, filling out the new school paperwork and packing for 4 people I couldn't be more ready for a vacation!! And cupcakes, because I deserve one (or 3). Yes.

5) I can't believe next week is JULY! this year is flying by and I'm really happy I started blogging. I was thinking about how weird it was yesterday but weird in a good way. And that I'm proud of myself for just keeping with it and the amount of writing I'm doing. I'm not sure I even wrote this much when I was in college but I like finding my voice and meeting you all. It's been a spectacular adventure!

Happy Friday!
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  1. Have a fabulous time in Florida! I remember a few years ago, I was a member of this group that practiced natural remedies. One of the big things people would try was oil pulling. It seemed like people either loved it or didn't notice anything.


  2. First of all, your true love definitely lives at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.. because duh. Obviously. Second, I tried oil pulling last month and I kind of liked it! I only did like 3 days in a row, then forgot, then did 2 days, then forgot for a week, then did 3 more days. BUT.. I didn't think it was horrible and if I could just remember to do it every day I think I'd really like it!

  3. I have been so curious about juice cleanses but I can't bring myself to commit to one just yet! I hear they have two-day ones but even then I feel like I'll get HANGRY