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24 June 2014

Florida- Get Ready for ME!

I'm heading your way! Well not until Saturday... but, soon. I'm going to be in Orlando/Central Florida area all next week and would love to say hello to any and all of the bloggers in the area!

I know it's a holiday week and right before the fourth but it would be super fun to have drinks one night or even join me for a Disney day?
old school disney photo- "I'm singing in the rain!"

Mostly I will be visiting family and friends on this wonderful excursion. It's been about a year and half since I was down there last and I need some Disney in my life. Beach days are a given, a Disney day is must- and I really really want to go to Universal. The newest area of Harry Potter world will not be open yet (boo!) but I can still drink some butterbeer and ride a hippogriff. This is the stuff of my dreams- for real.

Anywho- if you live in the area, give me a holla because I like hanging out with people. It's less lonely that way...

Now off to pack!

Also, on a side note- if you hadn't noticed over there on my side bar I'm part of a really great blogging network called Northeast Bloggers. If you are unable to figure it out, we are all bloggers who live in the Northeast! Surprise!

If you are also a blogger who lives in the Northeast- you should totally join up, because one, you get to have a cool button like mine on your site and two, as a group we are participating in a Secret Santa exchange during the month of July to celebrate Christmas in July! This is totally a thing I used to do at summer camp so I'm way feeling it!!

You can find out more about us here. And if you register you should totally do the Secret Santa game bc its totes going to be ah-maze-balls! (unfortunately it is for members only, but become a member, do fun things!)

Peace out homefries! 
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  1. What dates are you here? I'm out of town this weekend but will be the rest of the time. Hope you have a blast in FL. The weather is already HOT!

  2. Whoo hoo! So excited you'll be here! Definitely would like to join you and Emily for happy hour :)