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23 June 2014

The Go VoxBox - Hit or Miss?

I love receiving VoxBoxes from Influenster! Recently I received the Go VoxBox filled with all sorts of active goodies and treats.

In the box...

Muller Yogurt:  We received a coupon for a free container of our choice! I picked up the Muller Greek Corner in Pineapple Passion-fruit. It was delicious- creamy, fruity, a good solid snack. I have even picked up a few more containers since.

Verdict: HIT!

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme in Lavender + Chamomile: Now I'm not a huge fan of lotions anyways, but for the box purposes I did try this out a few times and was pleasantly surprised. It's a creme so it is thicker but it rubbed in quickly, definitely moisturized my legs well and smelled amazing. I won't be using it on a regular basis now that summer has arrived, but for sure come fall/winter I will be using this out of the shower.

Verdict: HIT! (even surprised myself with this!)

Playtex Sport Tampons in Regular: I was not a fan of these. If you are get grossed out (I mean I'm not getting that crazy) skip to the next one but I'm going to be honest about how I felt about this tampon. For a "regular" size tampon this was small. I had to change it way more frequently than I would my normal tampons (tampax pearl) for what I consider a normal flow day. They didn't "stay" that well either, especially not as you would expect a sports tampon (one designed for active lifestyles- i.e running, swimming, playing sports! ) to stay. Overall not a fan, obviously to each her own. I gave the rest to a friend.

Verdict: MISS!

Profoot Pedi- Rock: This callous removing rock has been wonderful. It can be used wet or dry, which is super nice because most "dry-skin" removers cannot be. I keep it in the shower and scrub my feet when I'm in there. It makes for soft feet every day, which I love! The shape is nice to hold on to, doesn't slip, and it cleans off very easily.

Verdict: HIT!

Profoot Triad Orthotic Insoles for Women: I put these insole in my rain boots- which made them super comfortable and helped me enjoy wearing them for all those rainy days we have been having. I liked that they stuck on with just a small amount of provided gel- and they haven't slipped out once. They are also short- meaning the insole only covers your heel and arch. This makes it possible to put in almost any shoe you want, no cutting them down - something I really liked.

Verdict: HIT!

Blue Diamond Almonds- Blueberry Flavor: This was one of my favorite things in the box. It was a perfect snack size and the flavor was oh so delicious. I actually carried them around in my purse for  a few weeks and the packaging held up very nicely considering. They were great to eat on the go and very filling. A perfect way to boost your energy during the day! They come in other flavors, raspberry and strawberry, which I would be very interested in trying.

Verdict: HIT!

Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake + Next Step Shaker Cup: We were given 3 different flavors or protein shakes to try (chocolate, vanilla, and berry) plus a shaker cup to try them in. The flavors of the drinks were good- I liked the chocolate and vanilla best. And the shaker cup was very easy to use- add water, the powder, and shake what your mama gave ya.  They worked well as meal replacements, I had mine for breakfast and they did keep me full as a normal breakfast of mine would. I'm not sure I would actually purchase more of them, in reality they are just not my thing. But I did like them and if someone else gave me more I would use them.

Verdict: HIT! (because I did enjoy them)

Overall a pretty good box- and it introduced me to some fun new products and treats! And if you are interested let me know if you want to join Influenster- comment your email below and I will invite you! It is a really great site, and a fun way to try some new products! 

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  1. The VoxBox looks great! I think that lotion sounds awesome! Plus getting free goodies is always fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. The pedi-rock looks great!! I may need to get one of those! I think the lotion sounds awesome too!