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09 June 2014

orange is the new black

or so I have been told... I did spend my a majority of the weekend watching the new season. It was just as fantastic as the first season, and as usual I'm ready for the next season right now! I guess I will finally finish House of Cards. I am also excited that Falling Skies is coming back- this will be it's third season! I love this show because it's about aliens (my favs- of course). Also Noah Wyle stars in it (aka Carter from ER) and its nice to see him doing something different.

I found out over the weekend that the book series The Strain by Guillermo del Toro- a creepy take on vampires- is coming to TV this July as well. I'm interested to see how well they do with the adaptation.

I had a nice weekend - a friend from college stayed with me while she intended a conference. I went for a run on Saturday morning- the first one in a while, and thankfully it wasn't as hard as I anticipated it to be. I'm impressed with the human body sometimes- that even after months of not running, I was able to easily fall into the motions again. It wasn't the best run by any means but I almost expected to start over with the motions and that was not the case. I still got a few solid miles in without dying and was able to enjoy the lovely weather.

Saturday evening I tried out DryBar, a blowout spot, and was very very impressed with the results! They stylist was able to tame my fine mess into a wavy curly perfection. One that lasted all night and into the next day. Woo-hoo! I already booked my next appointment for my sister's bridal shower.

A good friend of mine celebrated her birthday on Saturday night. We went to a fun bar on the UWS, called Jake's Dilemma, and all purchased $40 open bar wrist bands. Needless to say we had a fantastic night.
this picture has heavily photo-bombed, I think I even cropped out a few!

On Sunday I headed over to Hoboken to visit with my sister, nephew, and brother-in-law. We tried out the new place in her building for brunch, including a fair share of bloody Mary's. We watched the last 3 episodes of OITNB, hung out and chatted. I bought my nephew a super cute shirt at reunion and was excited to bring it over!
cute bow-tie shirt courtesy of Aunt Rebekah! love him to pieces!- not the reunion shirt though, that is to come.

All in all a great weekend was had, sad that it is now Monday. Boo! 
I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!!
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