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15 May 2014

Barbados was Delicious!

While I was in Barbados last week I was somehow in charge of picking out places to eat- which is totally fine with me because I love food. I used to find all the places we went to, I like reading others reviews and it is helpful to see menus, if kid-friendly or not, and how close everything was to the hotel.

The first night there (Thursday) we just ate at the hotel, which had okay food- they were doing a themed dinner and I had this delicious bajan chicken. I wouldn't necessarily recommend going to the place if you weren't staying on property though. We stayed at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion on the West Coast. Most of the places we dined out were 10-15 minutes away.

The next night (Friday) we went to a restaurant called The Tides. It was one of my favorite meals of the week- first off the restaurant is right on the water and has all these old trees growing throughout it. Kind of makes you feel like you are in a tree house. I had their Calamari Fritti Salad to start with and I seriously just could have eaten that all night. For my main course I had Pan Seared Scallops- which had a middle-eastern theme to them. Also incredible. They did have kids menus and coloring pages to entertain them. The front part of the restaurant is also an art gallery so it was fun to look at some local art work when we went in.
This photo of The Tides is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Saturday night we went to a place called Cariba- it was more of a thai inspired dishes. I started with the apple salad and then had their coconut chicken as my main. I thought both were okay, but the kids devoured their food and both bosses said they liked their meals better than The Tides so we went back to this restaurant again on Tuesday night. The second time I ordered their noodle dish (what my bosses had the first time we went) and it was amazing. I'm glad we went back for the second trip. The places was cute, and very kid friendly, but also nice for a couple.

On Sunday we found ourselves at The Beach House. This used to be an old hotel and the restaurant takes up the whole back deck. Great views and tasty food. I started with their crab spring roll (very yummy) and had their sauteed shrimp for  my main. My only qualm about them was that they only had one kind of pasta available for the kids (linguini) which isn't the best for them to eat on their own.  I would go back though.

This photo of The Beach House Restaurant & Bar is courtesy of TripAdvisor 
Monday night we ate a bit furthur away at a place called The Fish Pot. I really loved this place- it is attached to this super cute inn and literally overhanging the beach. The kids and I watched crabs scuttle around before we ate and the food was superb. I had this almond-crusted goat cheese dish to start and then this perfect roast chicken that came with basil mashed potatoes for my main. drool.

This photo of The Fish Pot is courtesy of TripAdvisor 

The last place we ate at on our adventure was the most local of places called Island Plates. If you travel to Barbados this is worth the trip. They only serve dinner once or twice a week, and do have a limited menu but it's family run and oh so quaint. You eat under the stars and cherish every bite. I started my meal with this amazing homemade eggplant tapenade and pesto. For main dish I had jerk roast lamb with a sweet potato hash- practically licking my plate, seriously. I'm pretty positive they are open for lunch most days.

I hope to go back to Barbados again someday soon- and with my own family/friends. Then we can venture to some of the other local sites and trek a bit further to some other restaurants and places. Everything was super tasty though and some of these places are on my list to visit again!

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  1. You've got me so hungry talking about all this food! It sounds like Barbados has no shortage of fabulous dining!