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13 May 2014

Sir List-a-lot

I like big lists and I cannot lie..

Seriously though, lists are the b.o.m.b Without them my life would be utter chaos. Here is a list of things I like to make lists of... exciting, I know

1. Packing Lists- this is pretty essential to any trip I take with children, which at this point in my life is like 90% of my trips. Otherwise I forget the little things like diaper cream or sunblock.. whomp whomp

2. Grocery Lists- these come in all shapes and forms, and I find them just about anywhere I look. Scraps in my pockets, found in last years winter coat- why I wanted a papaya in December, I do not know

3. Baby names- Future unborn children, your names have been sincerely thought out since the day I turned 11. I would nicely try to imagine that every female does this, but if you don't/haven't/not even one in your head?really?  I guess I can understand-ish

4. Birthday presents- because who doesn't want to start planning their birthday gifts as soon as their birthday is over?! I'm adding a good pair of chopsticks to my birthday list this year btw.. keep that in mind.

5. The Bucket List- the oscar in the world of list making, this one is always evolving and hopefully as I grow into my old age, gets shorter with every step I take... sigh. No really though, if you don't have one, you should think about it- it's nice to have some goals, no matter how ridiculous they are. ( But after watching Gravity on the airplane to Barbados- I will now be taking off going to space for forever. no thank you!)

Linking up for Listed Tuesday's because lists are clearly the best inventions ever. And out.

Erica Jacquline
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  1. i LOVE packing lists - I should actually get on one for camping this weekend... thanks for reminding me!

  2. I'm right there with you! I'm a list-aholic! When I was younger I kept a whole notebook full of lists. These days I have graduated to keeping them in my phone notes. It always pays to be organized :-)

  3. love your list of lists! Sorry it took me a week to tell you that!

  4. I really need to get it together even lists don't work for me. I think it's because I put too much on my list for the day and never complete it. I just need to be realistic with my list and stop trying to be super woman.

    1. however this list you're talking about is something I've tried only with grocery shopping. It works but I don't use lists for anything else maybe I should try.