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12 May 2014

Is it Monday already..?

Welllll.... I'm back! Barbados was beautiful and I hope I get to go back sometime on my own, and not with work. The weather was fantastic though and thankfully I was able to get rid of my pasty-white legs without having to expose them to all of Manhattan.. just in time for this lovely disgusting weather in the 80s.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, and HARD-WORKING Moms out there.  You are all amazing and talented. Thank you for everything you do!!

I had a nice weekend unpacking and getting back into the swing of life, Phoenix and Sadie were ridiculously ecstatic to see me and spent every moment they could clinging to my side. This may have made sleeping a bit tough but who needs sleep?

I spent a wonderful Sunday with my sister, wandering around the streets of nyc- enjoying a tasty brunch, perusing a street-fair and embellishing an online dating profile. I'm thinking of doing a fun blogging series... 30 dates in 60 days? hmm thoughts, comments, concerns? It will definitely be interesting.

Here's to Mondays! 

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  1. Monday UGH it comes way to quick! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Welcome back! Glad your legs got some color. I know what that's like! I am really digging the name Phoenix! It was on one of my lists within the past few months for baby names. hmmmmm..

  3. Say whattt??? What are the odds that one of the bloggers I follow was in the same place I was at the same time?! I just got back from Barbados on Sunday!! Did you stay at a resort??