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16 May 2014

What is Life?

Yesterday, on Facebook, an acquaintance of mine posted one of those lists about what people born in the late 80s are currently experiencing. (Check out the whole list here
The last point really hit me - 
17. Slowly recognizing that you’re no longer developing into someone, but you’re identifying the someone you’ve developed into. TC Mark
Wow, way to take my brain away. Because yes, although I am still changing and learning and forever experiencing new ideas and things, I am no longer developing into a person. I am a person- I am now me, and probably have been for the last few years. 
I still expect to grow and move with whatever life throws my way as I get older, but in reality I am now able to identify who I am and how I developed. I can recognize the significant moments of my youth that made me who I am. I am able to understand (for the most part) the ideals and wisdom and character my parents instilled into me as a child. I can name my strengths and weaknesses, be okay with them and accept that this is me. 
Walking home the other evening I had a "wow" moment about this extraordinary planet we live on. (This happens to me now and again.) That somehow, unbeknownst to us all, the perfect combination of position, atmosphere and proximity created this earth. That we (the human race) evolved and excelled, and that life in general (plants,animals, the ocean) are here and surviving everyday. So many things could have stopped this from happening and yet I'm alive, breathing, and starring at the stars each night. 
Honestly I cannot say if I believe in g-d or not, I like the idea of religion and was raised in a Jewish household. I am happy with what that contributed to me and I think it can be healthy to have that outlet. But even so I am here, and I'm here now. No one knows what happens when we die, and as easily as that can happen I want to be able to live for each moment I do have. 
I know New Years has passed but I want new resolutions, new goals
1. To smile more
2. Spend more time with my friends and family
3. To take risks
4. Slow down
5. And let the anger go
Not that I'm particularly anger but in general I want to stop wasting my time being angry. 
And to end my interesting spiel on a fun note here are some life quotes to live by
              "This is real,This is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now"
- Demi Lovato ( Camp Rock!)
" I wish there was no language, and we could all dance"
- Big J (the precocious 4-yr old I care for)

And now let's dance...

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  1. That is very cool to make resolutions at any time of the year. I love yours. I love the "let anger go" one. That is just so powerful in enjoying life for me. Life and the planet ARE crazy amazing. I think motherhood is going to blow my mind even more!