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02 May 2014

Spending Freeze for May

I've made the ambitious choice to have a spending freeze for the month of May. This is aided by the fact that for the first 9 days I won't even be in town which makes for automatic no spending... hehe

I'm making a tight budget that I am going to attempt to stick to as best as possible.. anyone have ideas, hints, good cheap recipes ideas I can make on the weekends?

I think the hardest part, besides the no shopping, will be the food! Weekends for me mean take-out and dinner/brunch/lunch/eating out with my Friends. This probably sucks a bunch of my money though so I'm going to try and limit myself to one cheap-ish out meal a week. I also suck at bringing my lunch and typically order something or grab a sandwich/salad from a deli. This also needs to STOP!!

Send me your motivational tips and hopefully I can put my saved money  to good use!

Happy Friday!

btw Barbados is gorgeous and I'm jamming in the sunshine right now... jealous much?

And linking up as usual with Whitney this week- Rihanna in honor of being in her home country

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  1. Jealous is an understatement! haha Meal planning is my #1 when I want to save money - just make sure you get brunch stuff for the weekend and then you're usually good to go! Good luck!

  2. The cheapest and quickest weekend meal we make is stir fry, any type of meat and a bag of steam fresh veggies and its usually done in 10 minutes and there are always leftovers.

  3. Best of luck on the spending freeze. I've tried to do it so many times and failed. I think it's because of lack of planning. Like I'll be in the middle of one only to realize I have no more deodorant. Oh well. Maybe someday.


  4. Hey Rebekah, I think I created my own spending freeze by literally spending all my money, lol! When I spend it all there's nothing to spend. It really is terrible! Have a great weekend! ;)


  5. Love the song choice! I really should put myself on a spending freeze as well. I spend so much on little crap!

  6. Good luck with the spending freeze! If you're tempted to eat out on the weekend, stock up at the grocery store on fun items to make at home. If you usually go to happy hour on Fridays, pick up some apps and a bottle of wine for home. Host brunch at your house and have friends bring the champs and OJ and you can whip up some pancakes and eggs ;-)