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08 May 2014

Currently I Am...

- lounging in the sun, drinking a mojito, and loving the weather in Barbados. Very sad we are leaving tomorrow but also happy to go home.

- trying to find a new roommate via Craigslist. Anyone want to move to NYC?

- wishing the weather wasn't going to be so warm next week.  I know , I know I'm chatting about sunning but warm weather in manhattan is just gross. To me at least. 

- looking forward to reunion at the end if the month! Which is also the next time I have non-weekend day off from work. 

- wondering why Harry being bitten by the basilisk in the chamber of secrets didn't destroy the horcrux in him. Huh? Why? I need answers! (Even though I actually already have them with Fawkes crying on him or whatever.) 

-  excited to have so many new readers! Sorry I've been MIA- work vacation calls..

- trying out this blogger app for a post. We will see how it goes!



  1. we skipped spring and went straight to summer its 90 degrees today I so need a pool!!!
    Man Id love to move to NY but ya know job, kids, boyfriend cant happen !

  2. Sounds like you're having a perfect time! Wow, finding a roommate in NYC via Craigslist must be a total adventure that could surely have enough material to write a novel! I hope to hear about the process!

  3. ummm…welcome home! would it have been glorious to stay longer? i've heard amazingness about barbados. super jealous. anyway…i'm sponsoring the daily tay this month too and thought i'd show some love! new reader! xo karli