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23 May 2014

you should all read more

Obviously books are amazing. Recently I've just been re-reading some of my favorites because why not. In my opinion if you have not yet read any of the following you should start on it pronto, but that's just me...

My Top Five Favorite Book Series:

1) Harry Potter: I'm pretty sure I cannot ooh, ahh, and rave about this series enough. It's just brilliant in all aspects.  Every time I read them I laugh, cry, and almost always find out something new. I was reading some weird google search thing the other day (sorry that was vague) and someone asked "Why is it okay to be a Harry Potter fan but not a Twilight Fan?"  Now I've read Twilight and while it is an entertaining and easy read it does not grasp the detail and depth that Harry Potter contains. HP is well written, beautiful and there is something in it that everyone can relate. If you haven't read it or tried to read it in the past but didn't like it- I encourage you to try the story again. The first few chapters of the first book are a little tough to get through at first (my opinion they are kind of boring ) but once past that you are golden. And if you truly do not like it then that's okay too (not really though, jk, but no really).

2) A Discovery of Witches: I'm sensing a theme here... whoops! This is a great first book to what will end up being a trilogy. (book two is called Shadow of Night, it is also fantastic!) Diane is historian studying alchemy. She is also a witch- who refuses to use her powers. After she calls a mysterious book from the Oxford library the town is overrun with other witches, daemons and vampires. On a journey to figure out what this book is, while also learning what her powers truly are, she ventures ,with the aid of a vampire, into a expedition of discovery. The third book is due out this July!

3) Outlander: If you like history, romance, and adventure- this is a series for you. First off, each book is huge and there are like at least 6 already published so they will certainly entertain you for awhile. It is about a woman, Claire, who trips over some rocks while on a honeymoon with her husband in Scotland and is transported back in time 200+ years. Where she has to learn to manage her surroundings, the obvious time change and the locals. The series branches in many wonderful directions full of some fun characters and changes. This is coming out as a Showtime/Starz? show sometime this summer/fall- crossing my fingers it's as good as the book!

4) The Hunger Games: I know that at this point everyone in their mother has read this one, but it's for a good reason- the comparisons to our own society really makes you think with this one. Is this our future? Is this us now? Are we already sacrificing our children? Katniss is a character to root for, to love, to hate, to want to be. The third book (Mockingjay) was very mixed for me the first time I read it - but as I continue to re-read the series (often) I have to grown to enjoy it more and more each time. This series has also seemed to spur on the whole dystopian/futuristic society genre we have had an influx of in our libraries and bookstores. and I'm totally fine with that...

5) A Song of Ice and Fire (i.e Game of Thrones): Also popular now and has enough material to last you for weeks. George RR Martin has created an incredible world filled with so many details I'm not sure how he keeps track of it. Basically, as the first book is called- this is a series about the game of thrones. What does it take to be a leader, how do you get into that positions and what kind of chaos is caused by it. This is a fantasy series that takes place in a realm similar to what we think of as our medieval times. There are mythical beings, a million people to keep track of, and the one thing I have learned in reading them is to never get attached to a character. They have done a marvelous job with the tv show- if you are watching them, it follows the book very closely. But you should still read the books!!

Clearly I seem to have a theme of history and fantasy. What can  I say, I like to jump into other worlds. 

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Happy Friday!

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  1. We're totally twins. Have you read Divergent?! Definitely giving the witches one a try next! I'm trying to stock up for some summer pool time

  2. i love the harry potter series! and i'm in the middle of watching season 2 of game of thrones and i've heard such good things about the books too. i just know that they are a huge commitment to read ha. maybe i'll add them to my summer reading list.