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05 May 2014

10 Favorite Things About Traveling!

I write this post as I am traveling with work.. and as much as the work aspect sucks I do love to travel! Brianna, over at Endlessly Beloved, has come up with a great topic for this month's 10 Favorite Things. And so my 10 favorite things about traveling are...

1) Exploring new places! I've been fortunate enough to be able to travel to several states and countries and I love exploring and learning about different places.

2) Meeting new friends- one of my favorite things about traveling is meeting all the new people. Others who also might be traveling, as well as the locals (who always have the best recommendations)!

3) Seeing old friends! Sometimes traveling involves visiting old friends, or running into them randomly on the streets of Scotland, Rome or Israel (all of which has happened to me)!

4) Shopping- like duh! I don't know what is better about traveling and shopping, preparing for your trip and getting to buy new things? or.. shopping on the trip and seeing what the town/city/country has to offer. Hello souvenirs!

5) History- I love learning about the history of places and I think one of the best things about traveling is going to historical homes and places and getting to see everything hands on.Williamsburg is a favorite place of my family's to travel, and my favorite thing about studying abroad in London was the history of the city and country.

6) Staying in hotels- it is so nice to stay in a hotel where they make your bed everyday, you always have fresh towels and you can add that super expensive room service for the night you are feeling lazy, or for breakfast. and did I mention the fun travel size shampoo/conditioners you can steal use..

7) FOOD- what could be better than trying new foods, and drinks! I love tasting the local cuisine or trying that hip restaurant on the other side of the country. Traveling gives you the experience to do this and enjoy it! I'm going to Paris at the end of August and I already told my family that I plan on eating cheese, bread, and chocolate, with wine of course, the entire time I'm there.

8) Relaxation - Traveling can be stressful, but it can also be very relaxing. You can take your time to explore, eat, sleep. Add an extra day to lay by the beach or just picnic in park.

9) the Experience- the experience of traveling is what makes us stronger, more educated and cultured. It helps grow our passions and voice. You are able to learn another way of life, lifestyle, and open your eyes to new and different things. The memories you receive are life-long and incredible.

10) Adding to my passport- I love filling up my passport and receiving a new stamp when I entry a country. It is a fun thing to look at when you are home and remember entering the new country, or coming home. It also reminds me of the crazy airport experiences, lost luggage and all sorts of other shenanigans that go along with travel.

All in all - I love to travel and hope that I have the opportunity for my entire life. Whether it is seeing someplace new, or exploring a town I've been to several times-there is always something new to see, learn and try!
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  1. You are so right about the last one! Getting a new stamp on my passport is half the fun! haha

  2. Love travelling too! I have been trying to decide on my next trip - I'm thinking somewhere in California

  3. YES to all of this!! Especially the food, thats my favorite ;) Thank you for linking up!

  4. Traveling is hands down my favorite hobby, leaving tomorrow to add some new stamps to the good ol' passport :-D

  5. I forgot about the fun toiletries!!! Those definitely come in handy :-)