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14 May 2014

Anyone Want to Move to NYC?

Ahh... the joys of finding a roommate in NYC. When I first moved to this crazy place I had the opportunity mostly because one of my sister's roommates was moving out and she had an opening in her apartment. I was lucky enough and extremely grateful to have a place a stay and an option to do so... an option which I definitely took. I lived with my sister and her college roommate, who is basically another sister at this point, for about two and half years. But then they both decided to be grown-ups and move out- my sister to Philadelphia to start grad school and our friend to get her own place.

This led me to the fun adventure of finding new roommates. I decided to stay in our apartment because, thankfully, our rent was relatively cheap and it's much easier to stay in one place then pay for a new apartment deposit, movers, etc.

Since then I've found several roommates and stayed in my humble abode. Roommates have moved out to move in with significant others, move back across the country, to become superstars and more.. I've been grateful to meet some awesome people. And I'm on the hunt again.

These days I use craigslist as my roommate finding tool. I post an ad and hope that a lot of crazies don't respond. When I first started my searches I did use a roommate matching site but never found anyone, honestly all roommates have been craigslist and all have worked out extremely well.  It's interesting how you can a feel from a person just from the first email they send.

I'm currently on the hunt for another roommate and finding the process just as stimulating as always. Here's to finding a roommate! Anyone want to move?

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  1. I think I said before if i could i totally would. I soooo want to see NYC more than anything!

  2. HAHA - If I was single and in need of a place I would TOTALLY be your roomie :) Where in the city are you? We should meet up one day! (I'm in Brooklyn, but work in the financial district)

  3. I feel like a lot of people have luck on Craigslist! I always wonder what would have happened if I had tried to find roommates through there instead of deciding to live alone during my first few years of living in Chicago.... I guess I'll never know!

  4. I have had luck with lots of things on Craigslist. My sister would LOVE to move to New York...she did just sign a year lease in Seattle but she's hoping to move at the end of that. I'm excited for you to find someone amazing!

  5. Ugh, the roommate hunt is the worst here. Well second worst, minus broker fees!