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19 May 2014

This Weekend I Cleaned a Window

Yep, you heard that right. I cleaned a window- well the inside and outside of the bottom half of one window. Baby steps.

Be proud, it has been at least 3 years since that window was even touched. I cleaned a bunch of other random things too- mostly because a) I had some people over to look at the apartment (I found a roommate!) and b) I somehow couldn't stop. You ever just get into a cleaning mood? No? Just me? Okay.

Sunday I spent a fabulous day working a wine tasting with my sister and lots of other wonderful people. While we poured a ridiculous amount of wine for some cool judges to taste, my payout was the two cases of free wine I was able to bring home. I mean I guess I earned them from the work I did but it was way way more than worth it. It should last me a week or two, haha, jk, but really.

And I finally watched the Veronica Mars movie! I was a huge fan of the show back in the day and am happy to say they did a great job with the movie.  Way cool that the movie was made with fan-raised funds. 

I'm also super excited because I qualified for another super awesome VoxBox from Influenster. The Go VoxBox is filled with all sorts of healthy and active goodies. I've already checked at a few items and hope to do a review in the next few weeks.

On another note my spending freeze has been very interesting.  I did manage to not buy any coffee from Starbucks on my way to work, but made my own. I brought lunch to work everyday but Wednesday (Chipotle day, of course).  And only took a cab home yesterday with my two cases of wine. Even so, I've still spent some money... I mean some savings is better than none, right? And I've worked at creating better habits for the future! Woo-hoo!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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  1. Im jealous of your wine and that voxbox!

  2. LOL-glad you cleaned that window...portion! LOL. I have little things that only get cleaned those times that I hire a maid (never these days). You know, when someone comes in and cleans everything, THEN I have the time/patience to dust that intricate wall hanging! Nice box! I'm also inspired by your money saving!

  3. Two cases of free wine? I would be in heaven!!

  4. Finally went food shopping yesterday so I can stop buying million dollar salads every day from Chop't.

  5. Yay for all that wine!! Id say thats a pretty good pay day :)