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31 March 2014

Marching on Out

 Woah- News Flash: Today is the last day of March, in case you hadn't checked your calendar. A lot has happened to me this month- a lot of good things, not any bad things- that I can think of... The blog is growing, I am very excited for that- and I have been able to save some money, start a decent work-out plan and am staying on top of my fitness more. I was able to spend time with my mom and sister, one of my best friend's got engaged- I had some fun adventures with my friends, I explored part of Brooklyn, helped create some business for my business. All in all- not too shabby.

My no-cab goal/challenge has been pretty successful- I haven't done a great job of actually keeping track of how  much money I would have saved but I've only taken a cab once or twice to get home late at night and to carry some heavy things. I've haven't taken a cab once to pick-up the kids, which has not only helped my wallet but also given me some more exercise.

I'm really enjoying my new fitbit- with it I've been a lot better at drinking water every day- and I really like the calorie/weight-watching food portion of it. If you are looking for a way to keep track of your fitness, water, sleep, calorie in-take- I would definitely recommend this.

I spent a lot of this weekend relaxing, and hanging out with the cats- they missed me last weekend... I'm finally caught up with The Walking Dead (omg, why do I have to wait until October for it to be back on!!)
Rainy Weekend Blues....
But... I got to use my new corgi umbrella!

Happy Sunday!
I feel like April is going to be a successful month in all things- work, the business, the blog. I'm keeping my same goals to incorporate more fitness into my life, stop taking cabs, try and limit my shopping. I'm excited the weather is getting warmer- I just bought a bunch of cute new dresses from Loft and Gap and am ready to wear them!

I hope everyone had a great March as well, and here is to a fantastic April!

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  1. i'm super pumped for april - i love the start of new months, new goals, etc!

  2. That umbrella is adorable!! Where did you get it? My good friend loves corgis so I'd love to get her one for her bday!

  3. Ok so basically March has kicked butt for you!! :) :) Here's to April!!

  4. That umbrella is really cute! I'm glad March was such a stellar month for you. :)

  5. Hi, I found your blog via the link up. Wow...what a great March! It set the bar high for April. I've rededicated myself to a better workout routine now that the weather is warming up. Good luck!