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07 March 2014

and on that note

It's Friday! It is a sure toss up between Friday or Saturday as the best day of the week- I'm all about Leah's post over at Sunshine and Traffic Jams about the love/hate relationships with Thursdays- but when it comes to the best day of the week I'm torn between Friday and Saturday... hmm. This Saturday I'm going to paint pottery with some friends- its BYOB so it should be interesting.

This week has been long, long, long and busy, busy,busy. Little J has started his Terrible Twos and it has not been exciting. Although he was ridiculously adorable this morning acting out the hand motions to I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee as we rode the bus to school. ( I really should have taken a video..)

Not too much else going on here. I'm linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants for #backthatazzup Friday with my song of the week, Happy by Pharrell Williams. Have a great weekend!

Happy by Pharrel Williams on Grooveshark

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  1. thanks for sharing the made my lunchtime!

  2. I love Saturdays too! I really do. Being lazy sometimes is the best thing. But I can't wait for you to share your pottery adventures with us! I love that idea. We have BYOB canvas places to paint, but not a BYOB pottery place. If we do, I haven't found it yet! How fun!

  3. A BYOB pottery painting party?! That sounds so awesome! I want to do that!

    Thanks for linking up today! Do you want to swap buttons?

  4. drinking and a pottery class? That sounds extremely appealing to me!! You'll have to share pics!!