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17 March 2014

The Recap of thy Weekend

 First off- Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I told my kids this morning they had to wear green or a leprechaun would pinch them. Big J can be very literal sometimes so he was very much on point with his clothes. I kind of forced Little J into his green things... whoops!

St. Patrick's Day was one of my favorite holidays when I was little. I always used to save the little green baskets that our strawberries came in (did anyone else have a similar container?) and I would set-up little traps to try and capture the leprechauns. For some reason I thought that strawberry flavored bubblicious gum would draw them out... and it at least tempted them. Many times the gum was gone in the morning with a note left.. oooohhh. (Thanks Mom and Dad for stealing my gum!)

My favorite St. Patrick's Day was the year I was in kindergarten- my teacher that year was super creative and always played fun imaginative tricks on us. For that holiday when we came back from recess and someone (or something) had played in our class sand box and left  very small sand  footprints throughout our entire classroom! (A friend of mine and myself were "blamed" because we were the smallest kids in the class) And then the culprit had left a not very nice drawing of our teacher and note on the front board. It was all very exciting at the time.

I hope everyone can play up the fun traditions- and I hope you are all wearing green!!

I had a fun weekend hanging out with my friends- we tried a new place for brunch, Station, on Saturday in Brooklyn. I don't venture to Brooklyn often but the day was beautiful so we wandered around for a few hours afterwards trying out some other cool drinking spots and shopping at the flea market. I bought two fantastic smelling soy candles from this cute little company called Simply Curated- you should definitely check out their website
mmm Sage+Cedar and Cucumber Sweetgrass

Twinko Bibs- and they are oh so soft!
And I bought two really cute bibs for my nephew from a great little company called Twinko, visit them at

The market was a lot of fun- I may have to make more of an effort to get to Brooklyn more often now, and it was an even smaller indoor market because of the season. I can't wait what the larger market is like during the spring and summer.

We also made our way to a really fun bar called Surf Bar- the whole floor of the place is covered in beach sand! It made me feel like I was in Florida again, the only weird thing was that I wasn't wearing sandals.

After that I was able to have a Chris Hemsworth ( I can't ever decide which brother I like better)  evening by finally watching the new Thor movie, and Red Dawn. Both were very good- if you like action films.

Sunday was a lazy day- just as it should be. I do some grocery shopping - I'm planning to try my hand at a few Overnight Oats recipes this week. Will let you all know how that goes...

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oh! And we finally picked up our finished pottery- mine is the chevron bowl. I thought they all came out super well! I'm hoping to go back again soon, maybe make a whole set!


  1. those bibs are adorable! and awesome job on the pottery! i also had a pretty lazy sunday, it felt great.