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03 March 2014

My 10 Favorite Things... in NYC!

I hope everyone had a great weekend- I kept it pretty lazy, just hanging out with friends- finding a new bottomless brunch place (yay! it's still legal!) I made my mom's delicious spaghetti and meatballs recipe yesterday in the crockpot that was ready to eat just in time for the Oscar's Pre-show. My friend P came over and we ate lots of it, along with some quick and yummy chocolate covered strawberries. We also hashed out some plans for my sister's bachelorette party this summer.

Luckily enough Brianna, over at Endlessly Beloved, is doing a link-up today (Ten Favorite Things) and the topic is the place you call home, for me that is NYC! Interestingly enough before I even knew this was happening I was still going to make a post of a similar topic. Sooo.. here we go! I'm sure most of these will end up being food places.. haha! and in no particular order

1) Times Square- cliche I know, and I say its a favorite place and yet every time I'm there I talk about how much I hate it- even so, it's about as "I live in NYC" as you can get. An iconic landmark and site- this place always has something going on. There is some great shopping, and two awesome movie theaters. Plus Broadway- enough said.

2) The Natural History Museum- I've been to this museum more times than I could actually count and funny enough it never gets boring. DINOSAURS! WHALE! GIANT CANOE! They always have a great exhibits going on- right now there is one about poison, and last summer there was a whole exhibit about global food with a mock-up breakfast of what Michael Phelps eats while training (p.s it's a ridiculous amount)  One of  my favorite places to take the kids- and its great for any age.

3) Central Park- a beautiful place in any weather, and always a slew of activities going on. I live about 10 blocks away from the Park and it is a great place to run in. Many of the road races are also held there. You can play tennis, baseball,soccer, go ice-skating in the winter, amusement park in the summer, also a spot to tan or picnic.

Now on to food...
4) Joe Shang Hai's in Chinatown - they make legit soup dumplings, like the soup is in the dumpling. Amazing- teach me your ways. Everytime I have a friend or family member visit we always go here. And it has yet to disappoint. They have another location near Columbus Circle but its not as good- gotta stick with the original here.

5) Katz's Deli- the best sandwich you will ever eat while surrounded with pictures of famous people. Its a trek to get to but very worth it. It is also open super late and a perfect place for those 2 am drunk munchies.

6) Cafe Orlin- I've never been here other than for brunch, and they do a great brunch. Middle Eastern cuisine- it's so tasty I practically lick my plate clean. Always a huge crowd waiting but it moves surprisingly fast. Plus it's pretty close to Union Square so its fun to go wander around the farmer's market there after you eat.

7) Calle Ocho- I've also only been here for brunch because they do this amazing thing called bottomless brunch with 8 different types of sangria. You have to make reservations crazy far in advance- if you know you are coming to NYC anytime soon- make your reservation now. It also right across the street from the Natural History Museum.

8) Shake Shack- I love the burgers, the shakes, the cheese fries. They have multiple locations now, all in great spots. The kids love it, grown ups love it, service is quick. They even have food for your dogs.

9) Make My Cake- this is by far my most favorite bakery in the city, and its only 4 blocks away from house. A bit of a dangerous thing really. They have the best, I mean the best, red velvet cupcakes. In the 5 years I've been here the place has grown tremendously and only for the better. Mmm... this makes me want a cupcake!

10) Coney Island- a perfect spot for summertime. Fun rides, great snacks (deep fried oreos, oh gee), a beach. It makes for a great day trip with friends and they lots of fun events all summer long.

             Hope everyone is having a great Monday!
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  1. I've never been to Shake Shack OR the History Museum and I've lived here for four years. YIKES!!!

  2. I love the Shake's delicious!!

  3. Lucky! Can I come visit?! I've only been to NYC once, and it was only for like 36 hours. I definitely need to go back! Thanks for linking up! :)

  4. You make NYC look like such an amazing place! It's just been added to my bucket list. Although, I think it would be far better to live there for a while and truly experience all that is NYC.

  5. Looks like such fun! I went to NY once for an overnight trip over 10 years ago and I have never forgotten that city. We saw Miss Saigon on Broadway with tickets from the tickets booth in Times Square. Fun times :-)

  6. It's a great place to visit or live, and honestly I don't do as much as I want on a daily basis but more so when friends and family are in town. You should definitely make a trip out of it!

  7. Ohh jealous you saw Miss Saigon! I can't remember the last time I saw a show- it is usually only when someone is in town visiting! You should come again, soon!

  8. I hope to make it there someday. Over from SITS.

  9. Let me know if you do! I'm always happy to hand out tips/tricks and recommendations! Thanks for stopping by!