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20 March 2014

Travel Mania!

I can't believe this month is already more than halfway gone! The summer is getting closer each day- especially since we have officially hit the first day of Spring! Yay! It's only three months now until summer and I already have so many plans- it is going to be the summer of traveling for me. My bank account is feeling it for sure with the multiple plane tickets I bought last week. 
First up is vacation with work- we are heading to Barbados at the beginning of May (okay, still technically spring but whatever) 9 glorious days in a beautiful hotel- I can't wait to take all the pictures!!

After I get back from Barbados I only have a few weeks before I head down to Roanoke for my college 5-year reunion- it's almost not even believable that it has already been 5 years since I graduated from college. Hollins reunion is basically the most fun you can have at college when you're not actually in college- its a fun filled weekend with alums of all ages, usually involving lots of eating and drinking. I may even do a chocolate tasting class (as if someone needs to teach me to eat chocolate, ha!)

I then have a glorious week off at the end of June/beginning of July- one that I'm spending in Tampa/Orlando. I'm trying to convince some friends to join me because it's most definitely going to involve the beach, Disney and hopefully the new extension at Harry Potter world. It's been almost a year and half since I've been down there so I'm looking forward to visiting with some family and friends- especially the wedding planning with Leah! (you know her, over at Sunshine and Traffic Jams)

The end of July will bring my sister's bachelorette party- a fun-filled 4-day weekend at a beautiful lake house in the Poconos. I'm super excited to be chilling with her and closest pals- and to start the countdown to her wedding!!

And then the summer wraps up with another work vacation- this time to Spain and Paris! We are going to be in Spain over my birthday, which will be amazing! And I've never been to Paris- I'm ready to eat croissants, chocolate, wine and cheese for several days- along with visiting the Eiffel Tower and some amazing museums.

I'm so excited-- I just can't hide it! This might be one the busiest summers of my life in reality- and I think this definitely calls for some shopping trips....

What are your plans this summer?
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  1. WOW now that's a lot of travel! I have NYC, Dallas and Indy the next three weekends, and fingers crossed for a Puerto Rico trip in May, we shall see!

  2. All these trips sound amazing! You are so lucky that your job sends you to such fabulous places! Happy Travels!

  3. Ok. I am officially jealous of your trips. Barbardos sounds fabulous. Totally jealous of that trip. And if you do get to go to the Diagon Alley, take pictures and stuff me in your suitcase. Thanks! Haha!

  4. Wow, so many incredible trips!! I'm currently in the midst of planning for a summer girls' trip to Vegas, but that's all that's on the horizon for me right now.