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26 March 2014


Last week and this past weekend I went on a bit of a healthy living scheme- not that I ate healthy or anything but I really did some research on ways I can improve my health and my fitness. Before I started this new job, I ran 3-5 times a week- usually before work because I had a lot of time (I didn't go into work until 11:30 or 1 most days). But with this new job, I have to be at work at 7:30 am and starting this summer it may be even earlier. This makes it pretty hard to be motivated to work-out. And on top of that, I get hunger at early hours of the day. When you eat breakfast at 6:45/7 around 9:30/10 you are ready for lunch- ugh.

For awhile last year from spring to the end of summer I had a Jawbone UP band. It was similar to the fitbit- it recorded the steps I took, how I slept at night, I could log in how much water I drank, the calories I ate. That, and along with running, I was doing pretty well in the health/fitness department. I wasn't at the best shape of my life but I felt good about myself and noticed a difference in my clothes. Despite the label of being waterproof though- the UP band quit on my twice! I went ahead and replaced it the first time, but after the second time I just didn't think it was worth it anymore.
look at all these classy colors...

Fast forward to several vacations and the lack of running and unfortunately I'm feeling not as great as I once did- I am really set on trying to find a way to work in more exercise during the workday and get back into some better shape. So I bought a FitBit Flex. Just like the UP band, it tracks my steps each day, my sleeping habits, and it has a way to let me log in water, food or any other important items- you can even set-up a weight loss plan with it.. I also really like that it is wireless and can sync with both  my iphone and my computer.The band is priced pretty well too- you can check out the site here- $99 for the band I bought, plus free shipping. The UP band is now the same and nike fuel band, which is also comparable, is more expensive.

I'm on Day 2 1/2 of the band now - and so far so good, it updates itself frequently and whenever you open the app, which I like. I also set-up the weight-loss part and have been trying my best to log my calories in. You have to tap it to make the sleep part work- which has taking some getting used to, and they don't really give you instructions in the box- everything I need to know I've had to look at online. A little weird, but no serious complaints yet! 

Besides buying the band I went ahead and invested into some yoga DVDs. I really like doing yoga but haven't been great about going consistently. I thought with the DVDs it would be easier to pop one in at work and just bring my mat and leave it, instead of finding a good class time, having to travel there and back and so on. Once June rolls around I have to start marathon training for November and I also like doing yoga run I'm done with a run- I tried to pick some good videos via amazon so I will let you all know how they are! I also just read this great article about incorporating yoga at the end of your hike while doing the Appalachian Trail. You know walk all day, do some yoga and then pass out. If I do the DVDs long enough hopefully the routines will be stuck in my brain for some time.

Does anyone else have a fitbit? Let's be friends- my email address is I'm hoping all these things will help me get back into a better routine- I know once I actually start going I will be a lot happier!
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  1. I've thought of getting Polar but I didn't realize there was a fitbit. I need to look into that. Anything to help me (especially track water intake), would be awesome. Does it also track calories burned during a workout or is that only Polar?

  2. I've heard awesome things about Fitbits - keep us updated, I'm really interested!