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12 March 2014

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

What started as a beautiful Wednesday is now turning into a Wednesday of telling everyone that I am alive. I'm ALIVE! I'm sure many of you are aware, and if not, there was an explosion in an apartment building today in NYC. This explosion happened at 116th Street and Park Ave- I live semi-close to this location and have been answering emails, phone calls, and texts all morning. As far as I know all of my NYC friends are also fine- thank you everyone for the concern, they are saying the cause was a gas leak- nothing too sketch.

On to a happier note- since the blog has been growing a bit, I thought I would tell you all a little bit more about myself. Fun facts about Rebekah! Woo-hoo, hold back that excitement!

1) I hate, despise, they freak me out- snakes, ugh ew so gross!! 
2) My favorite color is blue

3) As a child my dream jobs included Director, Scientist and Winemaker

4) If I could I would eat candy constantly- I love sweet stuff

5) I'm not a huge fan of jewelry- I only wear a watch and earrings
6) I studied abroad in London my junior year and would do anything to live there again!
7) I'm addicted to TV- some current favorites are The Goldbergs, Nashville and Raising Hope

8) I think The Sims is one of the best games- I can spends days at a time playing it

9) I sleep the best with a fan blowing in my face

10) I have two tattoos

11) One is my astrological sign, Leo

12) I refuse to believe that Heath Ledger is actually dead- he is my Elvis

13) Middle-school were actually some of my favorite years- high-school not as much

14) The university I went to has the best traditions- Tinker Day is my favorite surprise holiday!

15) Corgi's are my favorite dogs- but I'm not sure I could ever actually own one, I'm a crazy cat lady!

16) I've always wanted to learn how to play the drums

17) The Patriot and The Little Princess always make me cry

18) I have the worst case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

19) Sushi is something I will never turn down

20) I actually enjoy going to see movies by myself

21) I celebrated my 21st birthday driving  back to school with my mom through a hurricane

22) Sometimes I wish I could just play with my dolls again- my American Girl Molly was the best 
23) I named my first cat, Missy, after my sister's best friend at the time 

24) I'm meant to run the NYC Marathon this November- wish me luck!

25) Broadway tunes are my go-to karaoke songs - Chicago, Cabaret and Cinderella's are the best!

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  1. Bloglovin just recommended your blog to me and I'm glad it did! I adore NYC! I can't wait to read more! Also the fact that you have a post about Harry Potter is amazing!

    1. Yay! This makes me so happy! And I love meeting other HP fans- welcome to my madness...


  2. This is an awesome list. I had 3 American Girl dolls. They were so great when they came with the books. I know they still do that, but not as much any more. Those were the best!

  3. I could never turn down sushi either! Ever! Btw I sent you an email last night about the sponsorship. Hope it went through!