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24 March 2014

Weekends- that's how I roll

Weekends truly are the best- they would be even nicer if they lasted all week- oh wait, that's a vacation... Due to leaving work early on Thursday and taking Friday off I was able to experience a weekend longer than normal- even so much of it was working. It was still nice though- I did all of that work with my sister, who I hadn't seen since November- it was great to hang out , finally give her her holiday gifts... The usual. We did some shopping after the Amtrak train attacked my jeans and ripped them and then nicely enough I was able to go too happy hour with her and a friend- I honestly don't remember the last time I did a 5'o clock happy hour.

Back to leaving work early on Friday- my mom was in town this weekend to babysit my nephew but before my other sister flew away we went and saw a show on Thursday night, Pippin. I knew the show had own best revival at the Tony's last year but didn't really know what it was about. So I asked my sister who had previously seen it- the conversation went a bit like this- first via text

Mom to M: Bek wants to know what it's about
M: omg it's hilarious- the acrobatics are amazing
Mom: but what is it about
M: the grandma is so funny! You guys will love it

Hmm- so I then call her. "Can you tell me an actually plot line here?" Her response- "there's a dog in it!" Finally I get a two second synopsis- something about a circus and king and son running away.

Needless to say- the acrobatics were amazing, the grandma was super funny, and there was a dog in it. Having seen it now myself- I'm not sure I could still tell you the plot. Haha!

Table sitting at UPenn was nice- we found a few new sitters , but the Inspired Family Conference on Saturday was amazing. We talked to lots of wonderful families, met some beautiful babies and were really able to get our business out there. I think great things are in store for us!

Sunday we went to breakfast at Federal Doughnuts which was amazeballs- some of the best doughnuts I have ever had. I ate a hot vanilla lavender doughnut and a fancy chocolate sea salt. And  I would have ate many many more had I the time or stomach capacity.

After doughnuts we went to a wedding/bridal show (my sister is getting married in October) out in NJ- this trip was mainly for the food- my sister and her fiance went last year and said the food was amazing, but this year was a bit of a let down- womp womp. This just led us to go eat more food- over at The Jughandle Inn which is a semi-famous bar that was down the street from the wedding place and well known for their wings (they've been featured on "The View" and "The Food Network"). I must say- the wings were pretty good, not as spicy as I would have expected a medium sauce to be- but still delicious.

I ended Sunday by introducing my sister and her fiance to Frozen- neither had seen it so it was an exciting adventure! I bought Frozen and Catching Fire last week- so we watched that one too. Then I got back on the train and went home to NYC- I had a wonderful weekend catching up with my sister and eating a ridiculous amount of food. 

And congratulations to Kait over at Kait Makes a Run for It for winning my giveaway!
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  1. YAY thanks again! Sounds like a solid weekend for you - I definitely loved NYC, what a huge city!!

  2. i saw pippin once a super long time ago and can't remember the plot at all either haha.