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21 October 2014

Writing Process Blogging Tour

I was recently nominated by a blogging friend of mine, Lindsay from Lindsay Living Vegan, to participate in the Writing Process Blogging Tour. Lindsay and I met through a new blogger google hangout with Erin from Living in Yellow and have been in touch since. She writes a fantastic blog about living a vegan lifestyle, providing healthy, easy and cost-efficient recipes.

This whole tour is a great way to learn about some of the secrets behind a blog- how we write, think of ideas and plan. Let's start!

What am I working on?
           Currently I'm working on blogging every day for the month of October. So far so good, and it has been pretty interesting. Thankfully I have some freaking amazing prompts courtesy of Helene and Tay. I'm also working on trying to get better picture skills, work with editing my photos and in general adding more pizazz to my posts. I've also been working on getting more books reviewed, trying new recipes to posts and knocking off things from my fall bucket list. And after learning some new craft skills from my sister's wedding I'm flirting with the idea of going bigger. Maybe starting an Etsy shop? Still working on that one but it may be future potential. 

How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?
            My work differs from other lifestyle bloggers because it's in my voice and not theirs. We are all different because we are all having different experiences. My review of a book might be completely opposite of someone else but it gives you the reader the opportunity to see a new perspective. I write how I talk,  I try my dang hardest to be honest and I enjoy coming here everyday, if I didn't I wouldn't come back. I'm here more for me than anyone else, and maybe that's what makes me different.

Why do I write what I do?
           I write what I do because I enjoy sharing. I want to be able to tell everyone about the great book I read, movie I saw, food I tasted. I came here and started this blog to get myself into the habit of updating people on my life for my future hike and what better way to do that then to write about my life. Tell you how my weekend was, if I went to an art-show or met a friend for a drink. I've toyed with the idea of reviewing things before in life, and this gave me an opportunity to actually do that. So here I am sharing and updating, because why not?

How does your writing process work?
         I don't have any specific writing process. Since I'm currently working on the Blogtober challenge and already have to prompts for the month it has made my writing a bit easier. I typically have 2-3 days of posts scheduled out from the prompts.  Really I just sit down and write, if it's a recipe I make sure it is one I've already tried and photographed. Almost every single post is written at least the day before. I try super hard to get them all out at the same time (morning) and it would be crazy to try and attempt actually writing them in the morning- posts wouldn't go live until at least 12, which is when they went out the first month or so of this experiment. When I write I try to write as if I'm writing an email to someone in my family, or a friend. How I would speak if I was on the other end of a chat or texting conversation. I write first, add pictures second, attempt to proofread (once or twice, which still doesn't always work!), add any additional links, maybe schedule a message or two on twitter to go along with and then hit publish. Easy, peasy. 

Now it is my turn to nominate 2 bloggers to participate!

First, I've nominated Kaelyn, from My Fair Daily. Kaelyn and I were paired up for the Big/Little Blogging series and I couldn't have asked for a better Little! We have already had a great time getting to know each other through email and google+ hangouts. She writes and vlogs about some great makeup and beauty products- plus a mix of life and favorite day to day things (like her favorite Halloween movies- Hocus Pocus is a must!)
The Grits Blog

Second, I've nominated Ash, from The Grits Blogs. I love Ashley's blog, and her entire creative process. She recently redid the whole design of Blue Giraffes and did a kicking job! Between her redesign for me and having sponsored her, the two of us created a unique bond over the Outlander show (which you should all totally watch!) She has some amazing tutorials, recipes (oreo cheesecake cookies-yes please!) and doesn't mind speaking from the heart. Check her out!
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  1. Well you know how I feel about you starting an etsy shop my friend!! I hope it's sooner rather than later!!! Thank you for including me in this, I can't wait to participate!