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18 October 2014

secrets, secrets are no fun, unless they are for everyone..

  Yikes- a secret, that I'm meant to share with all of you? For the most part I've been a pretty open book on here. You all know that I'm addicted to Harry Potter, that I enjoy reading fan fiction, and have no issues  announcing my nerdiness.

I've told y'all that I like to play The Sims- for hours at a time, that Miley Cyrus is my jam- that The Clique is a guilty pleasure (embarrassing- I don't care).

So a new secret- something I haven't told anyone, or at least this lot. How about the time my best friend and I broke into a house...

Okay so let's be clear- this was a house that was being built, no one was living in it and it was very very close to completion. We didn't run around any place with nails sticking out or electrical wires open and accessible. It was about 99% completed and a friend of ours had been/was going to be living there.

It was the house right behind mine, they had a daughter the same age as me and every once and a while the two of us would climb the dividing fence and hang out. Her parents decided to knock down the house and rebuild it. As it was nearing completion this girl, my neighbor, invited me and another friend of mine to check the house out. We went and saw what was going to be her new room, and the rest of the empty spaces.

After her and her family left my friend and I, for some odd reason, decided to go back in, by ourselves. We climbed back over the fence- ran around the now very very empty home and then heard a noise. The construction workers had come back! Of course we panicked, freaked out, snuck around like spies, creeped about hiding from the workers and finally made it out the door semi-safely. Then  we went back to my house when the real trouble began. The word was out that we had disappeared and been doing not very smart things. I believe it was one of the first times I seriously got into trouble/grounded. Eh, life happens.

And now the secret is out. I broke into a house!

Happy Saturday!
Helene in Between

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  1. This totally sounds like something I would do. I think we all do things sometimes that we look back at think "WTF? Why did that sound like a good idea?"

  2. Seriously- I have many memories of things I can't believe I was involved in/not caught for. Oh well, what is childhood for but getting into crazy shenanigans!