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19 October 2014

What Makes Me Happy?

Once upon a time, Erin from Two Thirds Hazel and Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars had a beautiful link-up made of the 32 things that make you happy. You can check out my post here. Today I will do a brief revival of that list.. with 10 wonderful things that make me Happy!!

1) T- Swift- Her happy go-lucky new singles are rocking my socks off. I'm more than pumped for the new album on the 27th!!

2) Starbucks- Without it my day wouldn't be complete. Thanks for fueling my life!

3) Sadie and Phoenix- these snuggly squishy talkative babies are seriously the best. They love me and I looove them!

4) Netflix- You re-introduced me to Gilmore Girls, made me fall in love with Orange is the New Black, and are always there when I run out of things to watch. I couldn't ask for a better thing. 

5) Reading- there is nothing better in the world than diving into a story. Adventuring with imaginary characters or even just reading the news.

6) Clean Laundry- who doesn't love the smell of clean, warm clothes, straight from the dryer. Clean clothes broaden the choices in my closet and semi-keep my room organized..

7) New Books- back to reading. Starting a new book is like falling in love. The crisp smell of new pages, an 100% download on the kindle, meeting a character or flying across the world. It's a never ending joy!

8) Getting Happy Comments on my Posts- I love reading comments, especially when I write  a post that helps make YOUR day! Just last week I had a beautiful comment from a reader and it almost made me cry. Thank you for reading!

9) Traveling to New Places- there isn't a happier feeling then discovering a new place, country, exploring a new town, and just traveling. I love sitting on  a train, bus, plane or car to a new destination.

10) Spending Time with My Friends and Family!- given. The best feeling in the world is spending time with those you love, and who love you back. Even if you are just hanging out and watching a tv show, to celebrating a wedding these are the people I want to spend my time with!

Helene in Between

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  1. Totally just pre-ordered the album today! lol

  2. Visting from Blogtober! Reading your list made me smile, I am SO excited for the new T-Swift album and treating myself to Starbucks every once and a while!

  3. New Follower! I can relate to almost all of these! Especially T-Swift , Starbucks and Gilmore Girls. I just started the series for the first time! I know, where have I been?

  4. Have you ever traveled somewhere that did not have Starbucks, and if so, what did you do? Drink coffee from somewhere else or have a really bad day?

  5. Really any coffee will do, Starbucks just happens to be at the top of my list because it's the first coffee I place I see in the mornings and at this point the baristas know me.

  6. I love Gilmore Girls! I think I may have even teared up a bit when I started the series again on Netflix.