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02 October 2014

wiggity wiggity here's another stitch fixy!

Clever eh? I swear I'm not addicted to these boxes... yet- and all though it seems like I just received one, in reality the last one just took me a while to post. Europe- what are you gonna do?

So here we go- Stitch Fix Box #5. Haven't heard of Stitch Fix yet? Let me tell you all about it.

Stitch Fix is this incredible online personal stylist company. After filling out a very extensive survey with your color, size, fabric and clothing preferences, a really awesome stylist picks out five pieces to send you- accessories and clothing. Some fun facts:
  • They charge a $20 stylist fee that can be used towards whatever you purchase
  • You only pay for what you want! Send the rejects back for free.
  • If you do decide to purchase all five items you receive an additional 25% off!! woah, nelly
  • They really really love your input, your notes and reactions to the picks.
For this box I made notes saying I wanted some great Fall pieces- a sweater, fun pants, maybe a sweater dress or two. As usual they listened quite well...

Skies are Blue Maura Mixed Stripe Crew Neck Sweater $58.00
    I'm basically in love with this sweater. I want it to be even cooler weather already so I can go ahead and wear it!! It is super cozy, soft, fits well- I just want to live in it.  Well done Stitch Fix, well done.

Malynn Asymmetrical Soft Moto Vest $58.00
        So I'm somewhat into this- and somewhat not. I haven't tried any vest thing yet and I'm not totally against it now. The vest feels amazing on, the fabric (like the name) is oh so soft. It would definitely be a great piece for a night out or a date. I'm going to be adventurous and give it a whirl.

Skies are Blue Sariyah Ikat Print Soft Pant $58.00
      I'm very torn about these pants. While they are comfy, and could definitely be worn for work or out with friends- they are pretty thin. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even attempt to wear them until April at this point. I'm also not sure  if I would wear them that often. My gut reaction was cool, I've always wanted to try pants like these on. Now I have and honestly I'm sending them back. Would love to see something like them again though, come Spring.

THML Alannah Mixed Print Sweater Dress $78.00
      I asked Stitch Fix for a sweater dress that I could wear with leggings. Now, this fits the bill- but I'm not really feeling it. For one, it's a bit small. I'm also not a huge fan of the color, and it's kind of itchy. I couldn't imagine wearing if for more than a few minutes. Very happy they listened, and gave- just not super happy with what actually came. We will keep trying!

Pixley Allee Gathered Waistline Dress $78.00
     I like this dress a lot. I probably won't get a ton of use out of it, but it will work great as a work dress, interview, drinks with the university president and so forth. Something that can be a staple in your closet that has it's own flair. I love the cinched waist, the fact it has pockets (because who doesn't love pockets?) and the black stripes down the side and around the neck. Winner in my book.

Overall Stitch Fix rocks my socks- opening the box is so much fun, surprise clothes equal happy feelings. They really work best when you respond to them, by giving them feedback and by also letting them know what you are looking for. A specific item might not always be found, but they do their best to find it or something similar. Stitch Fix also works well with your pinterest. I make a point to pin a few new things between each box so they can see what I am looking for or have an eye on.

I know there is a lot of hubbaloo about the prices sometimes but you also have to remember that a) they are a business and have to make money at some level and b) they are doing a lot of the legwork of shopping for you. Plus you have the luxury of trying the item on at home- with your shoes and accessories. Test out how something will look, try it on with your own things. This is a wonderful service for moms, busy women or those who just might not like shopping that much. Or just the every day girl that loves getting new clothes (like me!)

Go ahead and sign on up now!! (this is my referral link- once you receive your first box , a $25 credit will be given to my account, but I am not being paid to write this post- all thoughts and opinions are my own!)
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  1. I AM SO JEALOUS! i love allll of your stuff! Mine was all bright bright colors still :( One dress was awesome but it was that T-shirt material and 80 dollars! No thank you

  2. That vest is KILLER - I would be keeping that!!

  3. You make me want to try Stitch Fix!

  4. Ugh- that sucks! You definitely have to tell them what you want in your notes for the next box- they also look at pinterest too!

  5. I'm super excited for it- it's not something I would normally have picked out but I'm glad they sent it and think I can get a lot of use out of it!! (and the vest is super cute! )

  6. You totally should! I love the service, and have been happy with every piece I've decided to keep from them.