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17 October 2014

I'm an expert at...

  • archery/riflery- okay so I might not be an expert, expert but these were the classes that I taught when I was a camp counselor- for 5 summers. So for the most part I can aim pretty well...
  • finding new trends (thanks to blogging!)- my family and friends have all commented that I always seem to be on top of new trends (Stitch Fix, Birchbox, etc.) Some of this comes from blogging these last few months but some I just seem to be on top of, plus I subscribe to lots of magazines. 
  • picking out great new brunch places- I don't know if I've ever had a bad brunch. And I like finding new places for my friends and I to try. And they also find awesome places. Maybe this is more of a group expertise...
  • organizing/packing- Full disclosure I should be in Over-packers Anonymous  but I kind of enjoy packing and organizing things. Does this make me an expert, maybe?
  • multitasking- I have two memories of being called out on being a multitasker (not a real word-or is it?). One was last fall when I was getting my flu shot, while being on the telephone and making a grocery list at the same time. The SAME TIME! The dude giving me the shot was tres impressed. He basically wanted to be me at that second.
My other story is more negative- I was doing my awesome multitasking skills at my last job, looking up directions, making lunch, and talking to my boss. She was telling me all these homework/school things their daughter needed to complete and I was listening and taking note (I recall she needed to add more to her book summaries for her summer reading)  but she didn't like the fact that I was doing something else (multiple things) at the same time. Um who doesn't want an employee who can't multitask. Weird I know. Actually she did it to me more than once. One time I was unloading a dishwasher (menial task) while talking on the phone with her and she got mad that she heard dishes. Not like I was doing surgery.. Anyways point is, I'm great at multitasking, even an expert.

what are your expert skills?
    Helene in Between

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  1. Hahahaha I am also good at multi-tasking, I often write blog posts or do work on my laptop while I'm doing my 40 minutes of liss cardio on my stationery bike! Needless to say, hubby thinks I'm nuts!!

  2. I have to multitask to some point, I do it often, so when I decide to focus on one thing and one thing only it's pretty strange.

  3. Yay! I'm always happy to meet another giraffe lover! I think men just don't know how to multitask well, for me it's second nature!

  4. I feel the same way- even when I'm watching TV I might read a book, or be doing something on my computer. Focusing on just one task feels weird!

  5. Yes, because of the blogging world, I seem to know more about the trends too!!

    XO sarita it's my girls' world