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10 September 2014

Work at Its Finest

After the luggage fiasco (if you missed the story check it out here!) our Spain portion of the trip turned into a much more pleasant one.

Vacationing with work, especially when at a beach resort, means really just sitting by the pool and beach. Sounds awful, right? I find it a bit odd that they feel the need to trek to Europe to do the same thing we can do in Florida but it doesn't make for a nice change of scenery and you get to meet some fun Europeans.

Spanish kitty!
The rest of Spain consisted of pool lounging, sand-castle building and a trip to see some crazy yachts. We don't do sight-seeing in Spain, but we do eat in the nearby towns which meant going to Marbella, Puerto Banus and a cute little town called Benahavis.

pool lounging at it's finest
sand castle builder

funny enough I took the same picture last year, at the same restaurant.. this years was not as good

2013's version
a birthday present for me? you shouldn't have..


weird stuffed horse in Benahavis restaurant
Work did forget my birthday which sucked- a lot, not the best way to celebrate- that is for sure. They did make it up (after I had to remind them it was in fact my birthday) by taking me to a lovely traditional Spanish Paella restaurant where I think I had the best food of the entire trip. It certainly had the most delicious sangria I have ever tasted.

birthday date
birthday flowers and wine from the hotel- they remembered!
Spain was lovely- just as it was last year. We stayed at the sister resort of our place from last year (Marriott's apartments/hotel). The weather was perfection. I definitely would love to go back someday and see some of the local sites as well as other cities.
this was the "I don't want to get up! oh wait there is a camera- cheese!"

Now on to Paris!
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  1. Amazing photos! I would love to have a job that brings me to Europe... priceless! Sorry they forgot your b-day (boooooo), but glad they made up for it. Yummy sangria fixes everything :)

  2. The beach looks beautiful! Definitely work at it's finest if you ask me! lol

  3. Have you traveled to a bunch of cool places with this family??

  4. Kind of- technically my job title is house manager. The personal assistant, the nanny, the chef, the manager and just about everything else all rolled into one!